Entrepreneur RevolutionThe Internet is driving a revolution in  entrepreneurship.
Daniel Priestley explains how and why in his amazing book, ‘ENTREPRENEUR REVOLUTION: How to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset and Start a Business That Works.’

I love this book because it is full of innovative yet practical ways to leverage the power of your mind to create wealth. It’s about starting good businesses, and making good businesses better. If you want some of that… below are 10 different things to do, to be  part of this Entrepreneur Revolution.

1:  Make 3 calls daily.  I call this ‘putting out the word’.  Just start conversations (by phone, email, and face to face) about your Vision, without knowing where they’ll lead. For some additional inspiration on how this works, see my blog post, “Do you share, or keep all the good stuff to yourself?”

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2:  Save 10% of your income.  Create a separate bank account and put at  least 10 percent of the money you earn into that account.  Leave it untouched as part of “your wealth.”  It will make you feel psychologically safe and assure your long-term survival. 

3:  Avoid the ‘naysayers.’  Seek out friends who inspire you.  We all take on the camouflage of the social group with whom we spend time.
If you have no one to inspire you, you’re better off spending time networking.

See my white paper, 'Networking tips.' ‎

4:  Carry as much cash as reassures you.  It stops you worrying about immediate survival issues, because you’re literally ‘in touch’ with your cash flow.  Moreover, you won’t be distracted by ‘get rich quick’ ideas.

5:  Build your network, 2 lunches at a time.  Buy lunch for two new people a week.  Build your network, 2 lunches at a time.‎
Look out for other entrepreneurs and business people who will give you new perspectives on things.  Bring people together, win referrals, see opportunities, and learn.  A lively network builds wealth like nothing else.

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6:  Tune out The 24hr ‘news.’  You won’t miss all that stuff in your ‘circle of concern.’  You will focus better, in your ‘sphere of influence.’  Just imagine how much energy you waste on this ill-disguised form of melodrama.  When you focus on your Vision, you will make your own news.   

7:  Keep a journal. Record, so you can recall and repeat high-value activities. Mark your milestones. Don’t allow your ideas, plans, goals, and targets to elude you. Explore your business mindset on paper.

8: Plan your business around your vacations. Vacations are about recreation; literally making yourself anew. Prioritize your leisure time to make more of your business time.   

9:  Get structured.  Set up your systems for wealth creation now.  Consult your accountant and your lawyer so as not to lose out in taxation, unprotected assets, or missed investment opportunities.

10:  Build your winning team now.  Get people around you who buy into your Vision. Build your winning team now.‎
People you can trust to live up to their commitments. Avoid ‘yes men’ in favor of genuine communicators.  The people you hire today will be the ones who deliver tomorrow’s success.

Consider taking action on these 10 challenges and transform your life. Read Priestley’s book then talk to us at PBC on any or all of the challenges. We can guide you through your new ‘entrepreneurial adventure’ and away from the old ‘industrialized factory worker’ mentality.


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