From reading every day to avoiding procrastination and never giving up, discover how you can make the choice to be successful.

So do you have rich person habits or poor person habits?

Hi, this is Bernie Heine. Today I want to talk to you about an interesting study about habits of rich people, and how those differ from habits of poor people.


Thomas Corley did a lengthy study of hundreds of very wealthy people and hundreds of very poor people and found out that there is a very big difference in the habits of each group. Before I talk about habits, I want to mention a concept called “be-do-have.” So a lot of people will say “geez, if I only had a million dollars, then I could do the things millionaires do and I can finally be the person I really want to be.”

Well in actual fact, the equation works the other way around. Being who you want to be is a decision, it’s not the outcome of your life. I can decide today that I’m a successful person. I decide today that I’m a good father. I can decide today that I’m a good husband. These are decisions I take about how I lead my life. And if I say I’m a successful person, then I just need to look around and say “well, what do other successful people do?” and do the things that they do. Then I will have the benefits that those people also have.

So it’s “be, do, have.” Be the person you want to be, do the things that those types of people do, and you’ll have their success. So in the book “Rich Habits,” he identified what some of those “do’s” are. People often ask me “what should I do if I want to get ahead in life? “What can I do to be more successful?”

16 Habits of Successful People

So let me tell you what the list is:

  1.  Live within your means.
  2.  Don’t gamble.
  3.  Read every day – stuff that adds to your knowledge.
  4.  Limited TV and Internet time.
  5.  Control your emotions, especially fear.
  6.  Network and volunteer regularly.
  7.  Be a star at work and business. Give that extra that it takes.
  8.  Set goals, not wishes.
  9.  Avoid procrastination. Be proactive.
  10.  Talk less and listen more.
  11.  Avoid toxic people.
  12.  Don’t give up. Focus, persistence, and patience pay off big time.
  13.  Believe set aside those self-limiting beliefs.
  14.  Get a mentor or coach.
  15.  Eliminate bad luck from your inner dialogue.
  16.  Know and seek out your main purpose.

What You Can Do Today

So I encourage you to get started on this right away.Take a look at that list of 16 items. Pick a few of those that really resonate with you and put in a plan to implement them. Set yourself some goals and whatever you do, tell people about those goals. Involve your community in helping you get there. Who are the people near and dear to you? Close to you that you can tell “geez I’m really working on this fear thing. I think I’m too fearful” or “I really do talk too much and I need to listen more. Tell me when I’m talking too much.” So involve other people. Get a mentor, get a coach, or use your infrastructure to help you and begin letting these 16 habits and you’ll be amazed at the impact this will have on your life.


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