Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Although Professional Business Coaches Inc. is our business, we are members of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA), which is a group of professionally trained business coaches that work together (that's the alliance part) to help business owners succeed.

Here's an excerpt from the PBCA website ( that explains what makes a PBCA coach different than other coaches:

A PBCA business coach has a business background, has been extensively trained in all areas of business, and has an assortment of tools to help you with your business challenges - in addition to the traditional coach training.

A PBCA business coach meets strict qualifications before they are even allowed to join, and receives additional intensive business training before they ever get to you. In addition to the training, they receive on-going business training every week via group conference calls. A PBCA coach has access to more than 500 specific strategies to help you in your business. And a PBCA business coach has access to other business coaches across North America to confer with if they are challenged by something.

The choice for you is easy. A PBCA business coach is unparalleled in today's business advisory arena.


If you are thinking about talking to a business coach, call Bernhard Heine now at 781-319-9820 or
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