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Professional Business Coaches

Business Owner Estate Planning – 4 Easy Steps

Business Owner Estate Planning

The Importance of Estate Planning for Small Business Owners

Of course, no one likes to think about a time when they can no longer serve an active role in their business. Much like why people delay writing a will, business owners often delay estate planning. But, not planning can leave the struggle left to the company, your family members, and business partners.

If it comes to a point when you can’t lead the way and no clear instructions of what to do when it happens, your...

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10 Exit Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Being too emotionally attached to the business

1. Being too emotionally attached to the business.

Entrepreneurs who have built their businesses, often from scratch, describe their businesses as their “baby.” And it’s understandable, as you put so much of your life’s work into creating your business from the ground up. Gorochow points out that having those strong emotional bonds to your business can cloud your judgment, especially when you start to consider questions like: “Who will take care of this business...

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Top Insights From Neuroscience Can Improve Our Marketing


Top Neuromarketing Appetizers.

Spending money can be painful. Brain scans of people buying experimental stuff with experimental money show physical pain centers being activated by perceptions of poor value items. Price is a big part of this, of course, but perception is even bigger.

Bundling lots of product features under one big price tag is a good way to prevent customers from "flinching." Car option packages are a good example of this. They avoid lots of separate "pain...

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How the Entrepreneurial Operating System Can Benefit Your Business

It is simply amazing to observe the progress and development of business tactics over the past 10 to 20 years. Strategic processes for running a business are continually updating. That change is what makes company progress a possibility. Without it, all businesses would quickly disappear in the endless sea of customer demands and requirements that are getting bigger and bigger every day. Business owners and leaders would collapse under the stress. Another important fact to look...

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Employee Incentives That Don’t Cost Money

Employee Incentives That Don’t Cost Money

Showing gratitude to employees is essential, and a good and easy way to do it is with employee incentives that don’t cost money.

A good business leader should reward the employees when they deserve it. However, the reason why they often shy away from it is that it costs money. While one could argue that losing valuable employees is more expensive, there’s a middle ground. There are ways to increase motivation in the workplace that are free. With these employee incentives...

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