Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

7 Secrets of Business Survival

We are all grateful for the wealth-creating opportunities this period of economic growth is giving us. But also recall that it has been nine years since the financial crash. Bountiful economic summers ALWAYS give way to harsh winters. Here are 7 secrets to ensure your survival when the business cycle turns against us.

Cash is always king. 1. Cash is always king.  You can tell the economy is approaching the tipping point of a boom when banks are pushing cheap credit everywhere and...

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Cash Flow: The Pulse Of Your Business

I don't need to remind you, how important cash flow is to your business.  A late delivery or defective products are quality failures that can be learned from, and put right.  But a cash dribble can mean a slow death for your business.

Cash flow is a complex issue concerned with the timing of money movement, in, through, and out of your business.  Receivables in their simplest form are cash sales.  Payables are things like payroll, interest, and taxes.  Cash Flow is not the same...

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