Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

EQ: Great Leaders Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The Pathway To Great Leadership: Awareness - Assessment - Practice & Feedback - Measured Progress

  Emotional intelligence is an umbrella term for that intangible variable quality within each of us. It is the skill that defines how we manage our social lives. All our experiences are processed first and foremost by the limbic system within our brains. The limbic part of the brain is the emotion-processing part, and it physically comes first, ahead of the rational,...

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True Leadership by Example

Alan Mulally was the CEO at Boeing when they rose from the ashes of the post- 9/11 airline market meltdown. Then he led Ford to four successive years of profit after the years of massive losses following the financial crisis in '08. Ford was the only American motor company NOT to take a federal handout at that time. It will be fascinating to see the changes he brings about at Google, his latest challenge.

In his own words, the secret of success is "Positive leadership" -...

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Strengths-Based Leadership

Know Thyself and Be ThyselfEveryone is naturally loaded with a wide range of skills at which they naturally excel.  These abilities, despite being second nature, can also be developed.  In fact, "...people have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strength instead of correcting their deficiencies." - Tom Rath

Peter Drucker said, "to achieve results, one has to use all available strengths...these strengths are the true opportunities."

Know Thyself and Be...

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Leadership is a Choice - What Do You Choose?

A great threat to our businesses, culture, economy, and way of life is the significant lack of leadership that permeates our society. Yet, the solution to this significant problem is very simple. We need to create (or re-create) a leadership culture.

The solution may be simple. However, the process is not always easy.Leader

So what is leadership? Is it a natural gift endowed to a few or a learned behavior available to all? 

When you read the word "leader", what image or description...

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DELEGATION: Like a Journey in 4 Stages

Delegation -  Like a Journey in 4 StagesWhen you delegate effectively you take your enterprise with you. Out of the wilderness of work  overload (for you, but under-load and disengagement for others) and into the promised land of productivity... Your own, AND the rest of your team's. It's an epic, virtuous circle journey, which never actually ends, but does go through 4 stages.  
Please note while this is written to be about delegating within your organization, the process applies equally to outsourcing.  ...

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