Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

PROPHYLAXIS – The Fifth P in Marketing

4 Steps towards the NEW NORMAL business

Towards the NEW NORMAL businessStep 1 to reopening your business is to assess this new business environment and evaluate the impact of all of the changes you deem necessary to achieve 100% health confidence in your company from your employees and customers. There are 4 phases to achieving this first step…

  • Understand that "COVID-proofing" your business environment is the ONLY solution to ensuring people know they won’t become sick and possibly die because they...

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5 Top Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Articulate your unique proposition 1. Articulate your unique proposition. For service-based businesses, there is much less emphasis on price than for product-based companies. What makes your agency, your knowhow, your financial service, or your whatever stand out from the crowded competitive landscape? What exactly (other than being cheaper) can bring clients to your door rather than the doors of all those other providers? Small service-based enterprises cannot survive in the long term without clear,...

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Who are the 'Influencers' Who Spread the Word of Mouth Marketing?

Want a great idea for cultivating excitement in your business and planting the seed of an unprecedented sales BLOOM? Sure you do... The very old idea with an ultra-modern twist, I suggest is, 'word of mouth' product promotion. Focusing your marketing efforts and dollars on sharing your unique and exciting business stories. Sharing them with the 'influencers'; those 1 in 10 customers who can make your sales blossom all year round. Interested?   Continue reading to get your...

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Insights From Neuroscience Can Improve Our Marketing

Here are the top insights to help you make better products and services, plus numerous ideas from neuromarketing, for a sales bonanza this year.

Top Neuromarketing Appetizers.

Priming Spending money can be painful. Brain scans of people buying experimental stuff with experimental money, shows physical pain centers being activated by perceptions of poor value items. Price is a big part of this of course, but perception is even bigger. Bundling lots of product features...

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Are You Focused on What Matters Most?

Every day, you make hard choices, as ‎entrepreneurs and executives. You hope the results ‎will go your way. Setting priorities is the most ‎important strategy we have. It is the last word in ‎time management and the main success factor for ‎any business. ‎
‎ ‎
Joe Calloway's book "Be the Best at What Matters ‎Most," is a superlative, straight talking piece of ‎work.  All about focusing on what's important, as the ‎ultimate strategy.‎

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