Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

The Power of Focus

I was reminded of a vital lesson by a business ghostwriter I spoke with at a recent networking event. We were discussing focus and he told me how most of his writing is about identifying those key ideas that are the core of a successful business.  All too often, he said, his clients got distracted. Like the underwater world, the business world is full of interesting stuff that can attract your focus and dilute your efforts and your message.  

Diving with my son on a...

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Are You Taking Advantage of Your Customers?

I hear many business owners complaining about sales and how ineffective their advertising has been in attracting new and profitable customers. When I ask how they find their best customers, many tell me: "primarily through referrals from past or current customers."

The next question I ask is: "How often do you communicate with past and current customers and directly ask them for referrals?" After a long pause a light generally switches on. Many businesses that have been...

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