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Despite the Difficulties, There Are Many Things to Be Grateful for in 2020

Despite the difficulties there are many things to be grateful for in 2020As we welcome 2021, we can agree that 2020 has been a challenging one. Faced with so many uncertainties, it might seem hard to find anything good about it. Many people have lost their jobs or have been facing such prospects. Others have been struggling with the psychological issues of being isolated for extended periods of time. The inability to see family and friends has left a mark on many.

Moreover, in some areas, the extremely restrictive measures that prohibited any kind...

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Balancing Analytical and Emotional Intelligence

Our Neural Networks Don’t Have to be Rivals.

Our Neural Networks Do Not Have to be Rivals

In times like these, we are all stressed, fearful, and worried for ourselves and others. Our people are concerned about their jobs and providing for their families. More globally, we are all concerned about the nation’s health and well-being. As a manager, you must persevere in managing budgets, sales targets, and the thousands of other decisions that keep your organization alive. All the while, you must attend to the needs,...

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Stop Doing 4 Things to Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Stop criticizing people4 Misbehaviors that suppress our EQ 

1.  Stop criticizing people to make yourself feel good in the short term.  Why? Because at the end of "Remorse Road" lies "destination Anguish." Why do we criticize others so much? We aren't made taller, nor even appear to be taller, by knocking other people down. So, what emotional payoff do we get from this common unconscious action? Psychologists like Nick Wignall know it for what it is, a defensive reflex that temporarily masks our...

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It's Never Too Late to Learn!

It Is Never Too Late To LearnDo not blame the iceberg!
It was bad decision-making that sank the Titanic! 

Joseph Bruce Ismay, CEO of the White Star Line, planned in 1907 to build four transatlantic liners. They would be the biggest and most luxurious ships since his father built the RMS Oceanic. Was this decision guided by Ismay's ego and desire to outdo his father and his rival shipping line, Cunard? Probably so, but would he have decided to put just 16 lifeboats on the RMS Titanic (instead of the...

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Get Into YOUR Leadership Zone

The "Zone of Leadership" explained

Get INTO Your Leadership ZoneWhat are YOU really good at? What are you passionate about? We are talking here about knowing yourself, knowing what's really important to you, what you do very well, and what you love to spend your precious time at.

Here are 3 excellent tools to help understand your personal zone of leadership.

 The Gallup StrengthsFinder is a tried-and-trusted survey that gets you to list out the 5 top items from a number of comprehensive...

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