Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Use a System For Selling - Do you have a consistent sales process or are you just winging it?

The Power of a Process For Increasing SalesSystems and processes ensure a consistent level of quality for the client in addition to saving time for the busy professional. Why should it be any different for a professional salesperson or business owner if practically every esteemed professional has a system in place for their business?

You need to gain trust from your potential prospect, which means you should have a carefully established strategy for prospecting and selling.  This process should allow you to lead your prospect through the buying process quickly and easily. It should be simple and authentic and completely straightforward ensuring that you feel at ease sharing it up front with your prospect in a way both of you recognize exactly what each step is and where you will be going throughout the sales process.  

As part of coaching my clients, I have been using and teaching the importance of having well defined processes. This year I have been working on becoming certified in a new sales system, Larry Lewis' Client Builder Sales System, a proven, practical sales and marketing method for small business growth. The Client Builder Sales System utilizes conventional ideas to transform your sales results; in other words, "Use a system for selling".   I have found that this system truly is superior, incorporating the greatest contributions from many of the best sales "gurus".  

To learn more, please download this complimentary white paper: The Power of a Process for Increasing Sales.

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This originally appeared in my August 2011 Newsletter.


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