Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

The 5 BIG Business Risks

Here are the five major causes of business failure and some tips on how to reduce your exposure to these risks.
Client Over-Dependence 1.  Client Over-Dependence:  Take a good hard look at your receivables spreadsheet. Does half or more of your monthly revenue flow from just one customer? If the answer to this analysis is yes, then I'm sorry. You are less a business enterprise and more of an independent contractor. The risk to your future and that of your employees is obvious. The action...

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4 Mind-Resets for Greater Personal Productivity

Imagine how much more you could achieve if you were to free up as much as twenty minutes from each work hour to concentrate on "wealth-creators" rather than "chores." This is how I described high-value work compared to low-value work in a previous newsletter. It is a vital prerequisite for personal productivity improvement that you distinguish between the two.
 Successful, effective people make time for work that really matters, all the while resisting the draw of the...

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5 Tips for Designing Your Life

This TED talk is a great introduction to Designing your Life by Burnett and Evans. It is also a fascinating book from designers rather than business people. I've picked out five excellent designer self-improvement tips to give you a taste of what these guys have to offer us.
  Connecting the dots 1. Connecting the Dots: When it comes to designing and guiding your personal growth, it is vital to connect three dots... 1) Who you are, 2) What you believe, and 3) What you do. Your identity,...

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7 Secrets of Business Survival

We are all grateful for the wealth-creating opportunities this period of economic growth is giving us. But also recall that it has been nine years since the financial crash. Bountiful economic summers ALWAYS give way to harsh winters. Here are 7 secrets to ensure your survival when the business cycle turns against us.

Cash is always king. 1. Cash is always king.  You can tell the economy is approaching the tipping point of a boom when...

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4 Neuroscience Super Powers: Yours for the Taking!

What have I got to be thankful forThe really good news is that the pleasure centers of our minds light up whenever we seek out the things around us that we are grateful for. And the even better news is that it is not necessary to have all those good things to hand. It is enough for us to just ask the question, "what have I got to be thankful for?" So try this thought experiment. Every morning for the next 21 days, consciously ask yourself this...

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