Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Is Your Organization Healthy as well as Smart?

Organization ILL-Health

5 Tell-Tale Symptoms of an Unhealthy Organization

1.  Assumption-Based Leadership. Assumption-Based Leadership You, as leaders of your organizations, ASSUME that you have more top-team cohesion and clarity around your Vision and purpose than you actually have. Sure you've got the organization charts and the specific job titles, and you clearly communicated your strategy at your last full annual planning session. BUT we all know what ASS-U-ME makes, right?

2.  Pragmatic/Opportunistic Decision-Making. Pragmatic-Opportunistic Decision-Making...

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Strengths-Based Leadership

Know Thyself and Be ThyselfEveryone is naturally loaded with a wide range of skills at which they naturally excel.  These abilities, despite being second nature, can also be developed.  In fact, "...people have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strength instead of correcting their deficiencies." - Tom Rath

Peter Drucker said, "to achieve results, one has to use all available strengths...these strengths are the true opportunities."

Know Thyself and Be...

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Leadership is a Choice - What Do You Choose?

A great threat to our businesses, culture, economy, and way of life is the significant lack of leadership that permeates our society. Yet, the solution to this significant problem is very simple. We need to create (or re-create) a leadership culture.

The solution may be simple. However, the process is not always easy.Leader

So what is leadership? Is it a natural gift endowed to a few or a learned behavior available to all? 

When you read the word "leader", what image or description...

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Many and More Tips for Personal Productivity!

Personal productivity is something that can ALWAYS be improved. It's always changing too, as our goals and ideas change.

Be your most productive self using the top personal productivity tips below:

  •  Be realistic and say 'NO'! I know this tip is on everybody's list of ideas for improving Learn to say no_personal productivity. But that's because it's a good one. Are you sometimes too eager to impress and over-promise? When we have too much on, everything suffers. A key foundation of trust is...

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Unusual 'Business as Usual' - 4 Lenses of Innovation

4 Lenses of Innovation

Our world is facing a tsunami of change. As business leaders, you have the option of riding the wave of change on a surfboard of innovation and creativity. Or, you can bask on 'comfort zone' beach as usual and wait to be swamped. Because contrary to popular belief, there is nothing mystical about innovation. It is within the reach of all of us, when we look at our enterprises through Rowan Gibson's "4 Lenses of...

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