Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Wealth Creation Demands Focus and Determination

Personal productivity is a daily choice.  For all of us, there are two sorts of tasks to do: Steve McClatchy calls them 'move toward gain' tasks and 'prevent pain' tasks.  I call them 'wealth-creators' and 'chores.'  Chores are everyday tasks like getting your car serviced or your office cleaned.  Of course, they all have to be done, but there are no great gains to be had in accomplishing them only downsides to not getting them done well and on time.  Studies show that Chores...

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Thriving in a Matrix World

Your role is 'Champion of Continuous Improvement'...

When you recognize that your business is a key part of the global economic matrix, you can grow and develop along with it, by working matrix style, as and when needed. Matrix organizations came about in the 60's in the project-based aeronautics sector. Collaborative teams and synergy put Americans on the moon. Unlike traditional hierarchies, employees working in a matrix report to more than one manager while Continuous Improvementthe project team...

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DELEGATION: Like a Journey in 4 Stages

Delegation -  Like a Journey in 4 StagesWhen you delegate effectively you take your enterprise with you. Out of the wilderness of work  overload (for you, but under-load and disengagement for others) and into the promised land of productivity... Your own, AND the rest of your team's. It's an epic, virtuous circle journey, which never actually ends, but does go through 4 stages.  
Please note while this is written to be about delegating within your organization, the process applies equally to outsourcing.  ...

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Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Steven Shallenberger's book is an excellent read for everyone who wants to become the best they can be.  The 12 concepts are summarized into 3 key ideas:   
  • Transform Your Leadership and Management
  • High Performance Teams and Solid Relationships.
  • Transform Your Life

Four Principles to Transform Your Leadership and Management.Transform Your leadership and Management


1. Strength of Character: We all make decisions. All day, every day, both big and small. It is vital to be strong in those...

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My Shovel

We all have stories that in a few words, say a lot about who we really are. Individuals and companies often have stories that become legends and help to convey the vision and values that are important to them. Stories can be the easiest way in fact to convey values.

I just thought of a short one for myself while shoveling snow today and thought this might help you all in 2 ways: (1) What is a good story you can tell about yourself or your company that summarizes some of the key...

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