Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Insights From Neuroscience Can Improve Our Marketing

Here are the top insights to help you make better products and services, plus numerous ideas from neuromarketing, for a sales bonanza this year.

Top Neuromarketing Appetizers.

Priming Spending money can be painful. Brain scans of people buying experimental stuff with experimental money, shows physical pain centers being activated by perceptions of poor value items. Price is a big part of this of course, but perception is even bigger. Bundling lots of product features...

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Three Powerful Principles to Improve Your Personal Effectiveness and Leadership


Focus, Relationships, and Productive Habits can have profound effects.

Here is a quick overview of some of our most popular posts on these powerful principles.




Are you Focused on What matters Most?  Can you follow the 3 Rules for Exceptional Business Performance? Are you aware of What the Time Management Gurus Say?  Clear and simple advice is often the best.  If you feel having a clear focus may help you, please read these posts for some valuable insights to...

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16 Rich Habits - and the PBC Challenge

Rich Habits by Thomas Corley Over the course of 5 years, author Thomas Corley observed  233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty and developed a list of 16 habits that defined their differences. Here they are in brief: 1) Live within your means. 2) Don't gamble. 3) Read every day, stuff that adds to your knowledge. 4) Limit TV and Internet time. 5) Control your emotions, especially fear. 6) Network and volunteer regularly. 7) Be a star at work and business, give extra. 8) Set goals, not wishes....

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Getting Back to the Fundamentals in Management - Building Relationships

We are... ALL of US, in the People Business!
It is the idea of getting back to the fundamentals of building our relationships: a one-to-one conversation, human connection with all the people in your business.

Read on below, and ask yourself; how good are my relationships?
One-to-ones are Top Priority

Philip AshcroftPBC Coach Philip Ashcroft was leader of a large organization, Veolia water.  He had a "undisturbed quality time" principle for his one-to-one employee meetings and these meetings...

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'The 3 Rules' for Exceptional Business Performance

The Three Rules - How Exceptional Companies Think      

The authors of "The Three Rules - How Exceptional Companies Think," Michael Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed,looked at 25,000 enterprises over 45 years.  344  of  them were identified as truly exceptional long term wealth creators and profit makers. They then derived 3 rules that are like magnetic north on a compass for keeping your business on a profitable course. These rules help explain the differences in performance between 'miracle workers,' 'long runners,' and 'average...

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