Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Are You Focused on What Matters Most?

Every day, you make hard choices, as ‎entrepreneurs and executives. You hope the results ‎will go your way. Setting priorities is the most ‎important strategy we have. It is the last word in ‎time management and the main success factor for ‎any business. ‎
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Joe Calloway's book "Be the Best at What Matters ‎Most," is a superlative, straight talking piece of ‎work.  All about focusing on what's important, as the ‎ultimate strategy.‎

Read on for some...

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10 Challenges for an Entrepreneur Revolution

Entrepreneur RevolutionThe Internet is driving a revolution in  entrepreneurship.
Daniel Priestley explains how and why in his amazing book, 'ENTREPRENEUR REVOLUTION: How to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset and Start a Business That Works.'

I love this book because it is full of innovative yet practical ways to leverage the power of your mind to create wealth. It's about starting good businesses, and making good businesses better. If you want some of that... below are 10 different things...

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4 Ideas to Make Your Good Business Better

The sheer optimism of my clients is infectious.  Many have said, "I want this year to be the best year ever."  I applaud the big plans they have in place for change.  As spring and the economic recovery come together, how are you planning to get on the wealth bandwagon this year?

Read the 4 ideas below for different ways to kick start your wealth creation this year and be sure to let us know how it's going!

Begin with the End in Mind - Stephen R. Covey1. Begin with the end in mind. In business, as in life this is always...

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‎5 Business Insights to Build Success‎

I've been listening to you, and your responses to my tweets, posts, blogs, and newsletters tell me that you found the following 5 coaching pieces most inspiring and useful in your business endeavors.

 Apply these 5 Business Insights to grow your business into the future.

Herbert Gronemeyer, Silke, Bernie


1.  Share Your VisionWealth creation is an act in 2 parts.  First, you have to create a vision of your business in mind.  However, just thinking about it is not  enough.  You have to...

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It all Starts with Happiness

Seven Gifts from the 'Happiness Advantage'

  1. The starting point for the Happiness Advantage is the truism; happiness is the prerequisite of success, rather than the other way round. Happiness is a Choice, Happiness is a Work Ethic.
  2. Your mind is your super power. A positive and optimistic view of people and life are like Archimedes' 'fulcrum and lever' that could move the Earth.
  3. The 'Tetris effect' is a brain imprint that causes us to repeat our habits and...

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