Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Cash Flow: The Pulse Of Your Business

I don't need to remind you, how important cash flow is to your business.  A late delivery or defective products are quality failures that can be learned from, and put right.  But a cash dribble can mean a slow death for your business.

Cash flow is a complex issue concerned with the timing of money movement, in, through, and out of your business.  Receivables in their simplest form are cash sales.  Payables are things like payroll, interest, and taxes.  Cash Flow is not the same...

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What if...? Two Powerful Words in Business Innovation

Winter, like taxes and death, is inevitable.  What if power outages coincide with heavy snow?  The wise homeowner like the smart entrepreneur prepares for such emergencies while the sun shines, but what if you are not prepared on that cold day?  Loss of electricity does not have to mean loss of heating in homes with a baseboard hot water (gas or oil fired) system.  Such a system does not need a lot of electricity to run the water pump and electronics.  What if you could...

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What Matters Now

As entrepreneurs, wealth creators and employers, we all carry a great responsibility within our communities.  Hamel points out how "What Matters Now" are 5 challenges:  

1. Values: Trust in our big businesses and institutions has never been lower.  Just think, Book: What Matters NowEnron, Lehman Brothers, even Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae.  It is up to us to align our strategic plans with doing the right things such as;

  • Cooperating with our people rather than exploiting them.
  • Putting other people...

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Realistic Goals = Business Success

Don't get left out in the cold, all winter lost and confused. I'm not talking about hypothermia, but rather that business slow death of having no clear strategy or goals. This is the natural season to take some time to consider where you are and where you want to take your enterprise from now on. At PBC we know for sure that there is a very high correlation between business success and having clearly articulated goals for what you want to accomplish! So we recommend that...

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The Power of Sharing

When you put "out in the world," what you want, you are using a very powerful leadership skill. It will generate change. How will people know how to help you, if you don't know in your own mind?
Two recent examples of putting this in practice.

  • I belong to a group that meets on a regular basis and once a year we take a 2-day  retreat. This year we each presented our vision and goals. We talked a lot about taking personal responsibility for change.  Taking action is...

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