Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Top 10 Networking Tips

Your Business is your Brand - It is a reflection of you.  Networking is a fundamental marketing tool.  Come along to one of PBC's events and share your networking stories.  We can all learn from each other.  In the meantime here are 10 practical networking tips to help you develop your networking skills and to maximize the business benefits of every event you attend.

1. Develop a 'networking mindset'; Remember everybody else is there to doFood and Networking the same thing as you and this...

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Time Management

Time is Money.

Many say "Time is money" yet it is actually more valuable than that since you can get more money, but you can never get more time.  All of our businesses would be much more profitable, if only we were more productive and relaxed with our personal time in the five aspects of business; marketing, selling, purchasing, producing, and serving our people.  So, here's a quick Time Management insight, worthy of a few minutes of your reading time.

Consider your information...

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Leadership is a Verb

Simon Sinek Ask yourself, 'what makes a great leader'?  Think about great  leaders such as Mahatma  Gandhi, Martin Luther King or JFK and it  is clear that leadership is about having a vision. 

Take a look at this astonishing TED talk

Your vision for your enterprise (or for yourself personally) is no less valid than: passive resistance for independence from imperial tyranny, revolutionary civil rights, or a manned lunar landing.  Leadership is grounded on 5 principles:

  • Principle # 1: We are all leaders...

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Cash Flow: The Pulse Of Your Business

I don't need to remind you, how important cash flow is to your business.  A late delivery or defective products are quality failures that can be learned from, and put right.  But a cash dribble can mean a slow death for your business.

Cash flow is a complex issue concerned with the timing of money movement, in, through, and out of your business.  Receivables in their simplest form are cash sales.  Payables are things like payroll, interest, and taxes.  Cash Flow is not the same...

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What if...? Two Powerful Words in Business Innovation

Winter, like taxes and death, is inevitable.  What if power outages coincide with heavy snow?  The wise homeowner like the smart entrepreneur prepares for such emergencies while the sun shines, but what if you are not prepared on that cold day?  Loss of electricity does not have to mean loss of heating in homes with a baseboard hot water (gas or oil fired) system.  Such a system does not need a lot of electricity to run the water pump and electronics.  What if you could...

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