Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Measuring Performance - Are you getting where you want to go?

How does your enterprise score?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are to your business, what the score is to a football game at halftime. They Measuring KPIssimplify the random chaos that is the business game that never ends. Many people mistake measures such as 'sales revenue' or the 'ratio of receivables to payables' for the only KPIs that matter. They are important, being akin to the vital health signs that your doctor checks; your heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol...

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The Power of Focus

I was reminded of a vital lesson by a business ghostwriter I spoke with at a recent networking event. We were discussing focus and he told me how most of his writing is about identifying those key ideas that are the core of a successful business.  All too often, he said, his clients got distracted. Like the underwater world, the business world is full of interesting stuff that can attract your focus and dilute your efforts and your message.  

Diving with my son on a...

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Are you a Theory X or Theory Y leader?

The Virtuous Cycle of Trust

The starting point for McGregor's 'Theory X' is leadership values. Do you believe your employees are inherently work-shy? With this view, you set up your enterprise to closely supervise and control your teams. You need a hierarchy, specified spans of control, punch clocks and payment by results, to name but a few 'Theory X' systems. Small wonder that many people react to such an organization with no enthusiasm, no ambition and minor...

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12 Innovative and Intriguing Selling Principles

Is your sales more like Hockey or Ballet?
Hockey is a great game, but too many businesses treat sales as though they were the puck in a hockey game. Drop it on the ice and all hell breaks loose. Every play is a unique and totally random experience. Sales must be more akin to ballet than hockey. Each step of a sales interaction should be choreographed, practiced and executed within the guidelines of a process. A process with a beginning, middle and an end. There are many...

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Business Spring Cleaning

Entrepreneurs that get into business via the franchise route know that the 'operations manual' is their business Business Spring Cleaningblueprint. It tells them how to do the daily business and is their most valuable asset. All non-franchise businesses need to write their own. Business that don't put their customers first come last. So a good place to start your spring cleaning is in the marketing and sales function.  To know where you should start, you can download the PBC diagnostic tool, ...

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