Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Are you a Theory X or Theory Y leader?

The Virtuous Cycle of Trust

The starting point for McGregor's 'Theory X' is leadership values. Do you believe your employees are inherently work-shy? With this view, you set up your enterprise to closely supervise and control your teams. You need a hierarchy, specified spans of control, punch clocks and payment by results, to name but a few 'Theory X' systems. Small wonder that many people react to such an organization with no enthusiasm, no ambition and minor...

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12 Innovative and Intriguing Selling Principles

Is your sales more like Hockey or Ballet?
Hockey is a great game, but too many businesses treat sales as though they were the puck in a hockey game. Drop it on the ice and all hell breaks loose. Every play is a unique and totally random experience. Sales must be more akin to ballet than hockey. Each step of a sales interaction should be choreographed, practiced and executed within the guidelines of a process. A process with a beginning, middle and an end. There are many...

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Business Spring Cleaning

Entrepreneurs that get into business via the franchise route know that the 'operations manual' is their business Business Spring Cleaningblueprint. It tells them how to do the daily business and is their most valuable asset. All non-franchise businesses need to write their own. Business that don't put their customers first come last. So a good place to start your spring cleaning is in the marketing and sales function.  To know where you should start, you can download the PBC diagnostic tool, ...

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It's time to Light the Fuse

Who kIt's Time to Light the Fusenows when the US economy will take off again? Certainly not the politicians or talking heads. This is within our 'circle of concern,' but we can only do things within our 'circle of influence'.  So what are you doing? It is crazy to do the same things today, that we did yesterday, and expect different results. We all need fresh ideas and new approaches for absolutely 'wowing' our customers. 

We need 'thinking outside of the box', 'blue sky thinking' and 'lateral...

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Make time for a strategic planning 'time out'

Plan an annual strategic planning retreat or attend an 'off  site' Strategic Planning Time Outfrom your profession to gather new ideas. It will be the  making of your enterprise from that day on. Careful planning of your strategic 'time out' will ensure you get everything your business needs from it. Good coaching and professional facilitation will enable you, as the leader, to participate and enjoy the unique opportunities such an event presents.

Here are some of the strategic planning tools that...

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