One-on-one meetings are essential to effectively managing employees. Learn how to make the most of them.

So do you have really good, close relationships with your people?

My name is Bernie Heine, and today I want to talk about getting back to the fundamentals of management, and that is about building relationships.

So we often hear from our clients is that they just don’t have time to work one-on-one with their people. Everybody’s busy, they’re overscheduled, we don’t take the time. We have that once in a year employee review meeting and we talk about all the things they did and didn’t do right during the year. But what about taking some time for some real meaningful one-on-ones on a regular basis, not just once a year. I want to talk about a simple four step process to go through in having those one-on-ones, making them more meaningful, and getting more out of it to really build better relationships with your staff.


The first step is the introduction. Make sure we layout very clearly what it is we’re going to be talking about in this meeting. What are the objectives/projects/issues we want to cover in this meeting?

Be Clear on the Topic

The second step is to be very clear on what questions we have, what data we have, what information are we bringing into the meeting , so it we can have a real good dialogue about the third step of the process which is to develop an action plan.

Develop an Action Plan

What are the things that this employee needs to do by when, what resources are they going to need, how can you help them be successful at achieving their goals?


Finally the fourth step is to summarize we just talked about. It’s the action plan when things to get done by, by whom, and by when. How can I support? So did you leave the meeting with a very clear understanding of how we’re working together? How this is not only improving the person’s work life but also their career whatever else we can do to help them be more successful employees.

One very important factor to remember when as were developing these relationships is people don’t usually quit companies they usually quit their boss and make with their boss because they had built that relationship because they don’t feel valued and respected in building this kind of relationship with regular one-on-one meetings with your employees is an awesome way build those relationships


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