Coaching Competencies Training Program

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The skills and techniques you learn through individual coaching and training can be amplified when you share them within your organization. We can teach you to become the teacher, transferring important knowledge that can improve the performance and value of key personnel, giving them the ability to make a greater contribution to the success of your business.

Course Description: This course is designed to develop your ability to coach others effectively and masterfully.

What are competencies?

Competencies are identified behaviors, knowledge, skills, and abilities that directly and positively impact the success of the coaching process. Competencies can be objectively measured, enhanced, and improved through coaching and learning opportunities.

How does one become competent and gain the ability to coach effectively?

In one word: Practice. Over the course of 12 weeks, we delve into the most effective coaching skills, ideas, and concepts that lead one to be able to coach masterfully. An effective coach will have a firm grasp on these core coaching competencies and be able to use them naturally.

This program includes: Self-directed learning, reading, reflection, discussion, practice, and application. Each participant will be able to demonstrate proficiency and understanding in each area of focus.

At the end of this course: Each participant will demonstrate a greater degree of confidence in his or her coaching abilities. They will further develop an understanding of a good coaching relationship. With these competencies, they will be able to establish the most conducive environment to have a long-lasting, effective, and change-oriented relationship with the person they are coaching. Participants leave with a greater depth of knowing the “right steps” to take in a coaching relationship resulting in them being able to help others reach their goals.

Ideal participant: Leaders in an organization who have responsibility for others and who want to improve their ability to coach them.

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Read our Developing a Coaching Culture white paper for a brief overview of the 12 Core Competencies. Then Contact Us for more information and discussion on how becoming a more competent coach will benefit your entire organization.

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