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Hiring Just Got Simpler with PXT Select

What is PXT Select™?
PXT Select™ offers superior selection and employee assessment tools to help organizations make smarter hiring decisions for all positions. 

Our assessment solutions empower organizations by providing them with actionable data about the people they employ now and in the future.


What PXT Select™ can do for you?
Simply put, PXT Select™ can make selecting the right candidate for a job both simpler and smarter. Having the right people in the right jobs fosters a culture of happier, more engaged, and more productive employees.


Business Effectiveness Evaluation

The Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE) is a tool that helps business owners "grade" the effectiveness of themselves and their business in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, business systems, profit margins, financial management, leadership and work/life balance. This evaluation is included in every coaching engagement, the Business Effectiveness Series, and the BANG! group. The BEE is also available as a stand-alone service.


Extended DISC - Individual Behavior Style Analysis

DISCExtended DISC is a personal behavior style analysis. It is a self-assessment questionnaire that identifies personal style strengths and development areas. The online questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete and results are ready within minutes. It will provide specific information to help you and your employees make better decisions that will improve your bottom line. 


If you are interested in learning more please call Bernhard Heine now at 781-319-9820 or click here to contact us.

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