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Everything DiSC® Sales teaches salespeople how to connect better with their customers.

 Everything DiSC® Sales is a classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Participants learn how to read the styles of their customers. The result is salespeople who adapt their styles to connect better—and close more sales.

Participants learn how to read the styles of their customers. The result is salespeople who adapt their styles to connect better – and close more sales.

  1. Everything DiSC® Sales focuses on three vital areas:
    Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style
  2. Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles
  3. Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style

Make the Program Work for You
Everything DiSC® Sales is the most in-depth and easily customizable DiSC-based sales-training solution available.

Sales-specific, personalized content creates an in-depth learning experience. Modular design and online tailoring features allow you to design a customized program that’s right for your organization.



Research-validated online assessment and sales-specific 23-page report helps salespeople understand:

  • Themselves
  • Their customers
  • Their relationships

Easily Customizable

Remove or rearrange pages, customize the report title, or print selected sections. The profile may be used on its own or with the companion facilitation, sold separately.

Follow Up Tools


Everything DiSC® Sales Customer Interaction Maps:

The perfect personalized cheat sheets to prepare for sales calls! These one-page follow-up reports to help salespeople adapt their style to meet the needs of a real-life customer by comparing their selling style to the customer’s buying style, and participants get unlimited access – at no additional charge.


Everything DiSC® Team View:

Provides an at-a-glance view of any group of respondents and their individual Everything DiSC® maps. No limit to the number of respondents included in the report. Unlimited access with all Everything DiSC® profiles.


Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report:

Provides a composite of your group’s DiSC styles and information on how DiSC styles can impact your organization’s culture. Includes the names and styles of each participant. Sold separately.


Everything DiSC® Supplement for Facilitators:

Provides more detailed data about an Everything DiSC® assessment and helps facilitate a richer discussion about a respondent’s DiSC style, including unexpected items. Unlimited access with all Everything DiSC® profiles, excluding Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders.


Everything DiSC® Comparison Report:

Build better relationships and make training stick! These 10-page research-validated follow-up reports can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences.


Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report:

Helps you determine the group’s DiSC culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk-taking. Sold separately.

Engaging Videos

The contemporary video includes an eight-minute introduction to the DiSC sales styles, plus 54 segments featuring real-world, sales-specific customer interactions.

Introduction to Everything DiSC Sales Styles (8 minutes)
Describes the priorities and preferences of each DiSC sales style.

Customer Mapping (9 vignettes)
Introduces customer mapping, plus eight segments modeling the DiSC buying styles.

DiSC Customer Priorities (4 vignettes)
Explains the priorities of each DiSC buying style.

Adapting to the Styles Matrix 

(Introduction and 32 vignettes)
Shows 32 combinations of unadapted and adapted sales interactions.

Adapting Styles Example 1

Adapting Styles Example 2

Customer Priority Interviews 

(8 vignettes)
Customers discuss the importance of the eight priorities on the Everything DiSC Sales Map.

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