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pdf #01 - February 2011 Newsletter - Leadership - Start with Why - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Download (pdf, 153 KB)


The first step in business (or life in general for that matter) is to identify what it is you want and Why you want it. Discover why great leaders "Start with Why".

pdf #02 - April 2011 Newsletter - New Insights on Motivation and How to Avoid 7 Common Business Mistakes

Download (pdf, 150 KB)


Motivation is a common leadership topic and this newsletter discusses some surprising new science on motivation that will benefit every leader. Additionally, we include a common PBC seminar topic which addresses the seven common mistakes most business owners make.

pdf #03 - June 2011 Newsletter - Practical Tips for Time Management in Business

Download (pdf, 134 KB)


Time management seems to be more important than ever in all our plans. And it is not that easy to manage. Be guided accordingly with a few tips on making our modern lives easier.

pdf #04 - August 2011 Newsletter - Fall is coming - time to ramp up sales and get organized

Download (pdf, 361 KB)


Evaluate your sales process, transform your sales results, and revamp those old business processes by using a truly superior system for selling, incorporating the greatest contributions from many of the best sales "gurus".

pdf #05 - October 2011 Newsletter - Are You Taking Advantage of Your Customers?

Download (pdf, 551 KB)


Are you fully taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by your current and past customers? Do you frequently ask for referrals, or are you too busy chasing new business?

Customers are the common source of income for a business, as well as the remarkable source of data vital for enabling a business to prosper and providing their customers what they want.

This newsletter gives some valuable tips on how best to build and leverage your customer relationships.

pdf #06 - December 2011 Newsletter - Happy Holidays! Don't you want to be like Scrooge?

Download (pdf, 174 KB)


Don't you want to be like Scrooge? This is the time of year to get that overall plan for the new year.

Take a page from the Scrooge playbook and 1) Analyze the past, 2) get a Realistic View of the current state and 3) be sure to chart a Plan for the future that avoids the disaster that may occur from not embracing change.

pdf #07 - January 2012 Newsletter - New Year's Resolutions all set? Need some Time Management help?

Download (pdf, 276 KB)


Time Management is THE big issue for many of us at the start of the year. There always seems to be "too many new initiatives, and too many old ones blocking the path to change." Take a little time to download and read this newsletter, then save yourself A LOT of time by boosting your personal productivity.

pdf #09 - February 2012 Newsletter - Leadership - Do you pass the test?

Download (pdf, 147 KB)


Leadership, how is yours? This is one of the most popular topics in business. Download this newsletter containing an article that summarizes 10 Great Tips to Improve Your Leadership. Think about your own style as you read through them. Is there anything you would like to change?

pdf #10 - March 2012 Newsletter - Take a Time Out and Create a Strategic Plan

Download (pdf, 309 KB)


Are you taking a time out and creating an annual strategic planning retreat or attending an 'off site' from your profession to gather fresh, innovative ideas? Some of the strategic planning tools that you will want to apply in your enterprise are 1) Vision, Mission, Values 2) SWOT analysis 3) Long Range Goals 4) Near Term Goals 5) Accountability and timing

Download this newsletter for more discussion on how Strategic Planning can benefit you and your business. Make time for a strategic planning 'time out', at least once a year. You'll be glad you did!

pdf #100 - June 2020 Newsletter - 1-to-1s Are a MUST!

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


Google’s extensive manager research project found that the top-rated managers were those who met regularly for 1-to-1s with team members. This survey of 1,100+ managers and 800+ employees was conducted by “Know Your Team,” a management software company. They found 89% of managers reporting the 1-to-1s as positively affecting team performance, as did 73% of employees. Download this newsletter for more on this.

pdf #101 - July 2020 Newsletter - Balancing Analytical and Emotional Intelligence

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


In these crisis times, we are even more likely to lose our equilibrium between the practical and personal side of interactions. Stress causes us to default to our dominant brain patterns, either overly analytical OR randomly emotional. Download this newsletter for more on this vital leadership balancing act and check out the source article in the Harvard Business Review.

pdf #102 - August 2020 Newsletter - Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


Whether you are in charge of a small business or perhaps only a leader of a small team, you are aware of how connected motivation and productivity are. Download this newsletter for more on these many simple ways to increase motivation in the workplace that are easy to apply.


pdf #103 - September 2020 Newsletter - The 3 Leadership Challenges of WFH!

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


WFH: “Working from home” is here to stay!. WFH, driven by the pandemic, has not led to as much loss of productivity as the experience of other significant changes led many of us to fear it may.

Download this newsletter to learn more about the 3 leadership challenges posed by enforced WFH, taken from this fascinating series of HBR articles, “Do we really need the office?

pdf #104 - October 2020 Newsletter - 4 Strategies to Improve Your Customer Service Standards

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


According to some professionals that we've talked to, many customers will value the experience much more than the actual prices and products. Therefore, it makes sense for them to spend more for better customer service. It's as simple as that. Download this newsletter to learn what you can do to achieve that.

pdf #105 - November 2020 Newsletter - 5 Business Lessons Learned Amid COVID-19

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


If there is one thing the current pandemic crisis has taught us, it's to expect the unexpected and prepare accordingly. We are all learning to live by the new rules in all aspects of our existence; we also realize what we can do. We continue to see how flexibility stands out as a prominent feature that often determines the fate of a company. Download this newsletter to know more about many business lessons learned amid COVID-19 that are here to stay, and that, it turns out, is a positive thing.  

pdf #106 - December 2020 Newsletter - Despite the difficulties, there is much to be grateful for in 2020.

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


Year 2020 has been like sailing in a tiny boat during a sea storm. It's important to remember that now that we are about to sail into the new year, hopeful that things will start to change for the better.

Year 2020 has revealed all our strengths and weaknesses. Download this newsletter to learn more of the many things to be grateful for in 2020.

pdf #107 - January 2021 Newsletter - Employee Incentives That Don’t Cost Money

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


A good business leader should reward the employees when they deserve it. However, the reason why they often shy away from it is that it costs money. While one could argue that losing valuable employees is more expensive, there’s a middle ground. There are ways to increase motivation in the workplace that are free. Business leaders can make their employees feel valuable without breaking the bank. Download this newsletter for more of these employee incentives that don’t cost money.

pdf #108 - February 2021 Newsletter - How the Entrepreneurial Operating System Can Benefit Your Business

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


Any business that does not implement new ways of doing things will be swallowed by the competing companies. A business that tries to survive in the growing market feels the consumers’ pressure from one end and competitors’ from the other. The only way to deal with this pressure is to be agile and adapt to the change.

Download this newsletter to learn how applying the EOS strategy, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, from the book Traction, can benefit your business so you and your business can thrive.

pdf #109 - March 2021 Newsletter - Free Giveaway... Selling More, Really is ALL in the Mind.

Download (pdf, 430 KB)


We are not logical: Our buying decisions are PSYCHOlogical! Your customers are not rational, and their buying decisions are 9/10ths subconscious and emotional!

Download this newsletter for my free gifts to you this month - top insights to help you make better products and services. Plus numerous ideas from neuromarketing for a sales bonanza this year.

pdf #11 - April 2012 Newsletter - It's Time to Light the Fuse

Download (pdf, 104 KB)


Are you thinking about business innovation and capturing those big ideas that can transform your business from ordinary to THE extraordinary? It is time to light the fuse on your sales explosion. It is time to be proactive and lead. At PBC, we are here to help light the fuse. Call us and tell us about your aims, barriers and challenges. Nobody can predict what the 'next big thing' will be, but I'll bet I know where it will come from; the collective ideas of your peer group.

Download this newsletter to learn more about how you can light the fuse and bring your business to new markets or breathe new life into your current ones.

pdf #12 - May 2012 Newsletter - Spring Clean Your Business System

Download (pdf, 526 KB)


Spring is in the air and it's the time for business growth. The green shoots of economic recovery are everywhere, but are you ready to grow with them? Have you got ALL your systems and processes in place? Because without them you will not build sales and produce success. It can be a daunting task, to systemize your whole business, but fear not, because PBC has helped many businesses do it successfully, and guess what? Yes, we have a system for helping you build your systems.

Check out this newsletter and learn how to do some Spring Cleaning in your business.

pdf #13 - June 2012 Newsletter - It's almost half-time for the year. How are your sales?

Download (pdf, 212 KB)


It's almost half-time for the year, how are your sales? I don't just mean the numbers, because these can always be better. I mean the freshness of your approach, the robustness of your process and the total belief of your sales people in what they are selling? If you are like most business owners I meet, sales are usually not high enough.

Learn more from this newsletter about the 12 Principles of the Client Builder sales system with additional links to The Power of a Process for Increasing Sales and Twelve Unconventional Ideas for Transforming Your Sales Results.

pdf #14 - July 2012 Newsletter - The 7 Epiphany Moments of Business Growth

Download (pdf, 343 KB)


Are you struggling with how to make your business more profitable? Are you frustrated with working long hours but still overwhelmed, with so much to do in such a short time? Are you confused about what it will take to actually succeed in your business? Because your passion just doesn't seem to be enough? What more do you need? Could it be better business intelligence? Or better guidance and improved accountability? The reality is, as a business owner, there are 7 Epiphany Moments you may need to go through in order to make your business fly.

Find out in this newsletter the seven crucial insights that can make all the difference to a small business owner.

pdf #15 - August 2012 Newsletter - Measuring Performance - Are you getting where you want to go?

Download (pdf, 204 KB)


What shape is your business in? Are you answering this question with the right 'key performance indicators' (KPIs) in mind? Or indeed with any KPIs in mind?

This newsletter discusses measuring your performance by using KPIs, allowing you to glimpse into your future, and getting where you want to go - before it will be too late to resolve any issues and change the direction.

pdf #16 - September 2012 Newsletter - Tips on Networking - Expand Your Business, not Your Waistline

Download (pdf, 133 KB)


The fall is a great time to get out and network. Networking successfully at these events is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. It is a skill that can be learned, but above all, it is a skill that must be practiced. With so many networking choices this time of year, which will expand most? Your business? or your waistline?

Find out in this newsletter the Top 10 Networking Tips and get started improving your networking ROI now!

pdf #17 - November 2012 Newsletter - Hiring for Success - Don't Clone Yourself

Download (pdf, 186 KB)


Have you ever made a bad hire by attempting to employ a clone of yourself? Most business owners fail to realize that having an army of clones in their business can never be a good idea. To be successful, a business needs people with variations in approaches and skills.

This newsletter will help you to avoid the "clone hiring tendency", as well as the other common hiring pitfalls.

pdf #18 - December 2012 Newsletter - Goal Setting

Download (pdf, 182 KB)


This is the natural season to take some time to consider where you are and where you want to take your enterprise from now on. At PBC, we know for sure that there is a very high correlation between business success and having clearly articulated goals for what you want to accomplish!

This newsletter will guide you in creating a plan for the coming year, and contains a link to a white paper on making good hiring decisions.

pdf #19 - January 2013 Newsletter - What Matters Now

Download (pdf, 116 KB)


It seems to come round quicker every year doesn't it? But it is that time again, for stepping back and checking your business direction and priorities. Hamel talks about the 5 most important challenges facing business today: Values, Innovation, Adaptability, Passion and Ideology.

Check out my high level summary of this book "What Matters Now". Are you addressing these 5 Challenges head on?

pdf #20 - February 2013 Newsletter - Simple Ideas and Friends Can Make All the Difference

Download (pdf, 183 KB)


Sometimes we are so close, yet still so far from success, or we just need a small amount of effort to close the gap. A blizzard or hurricane is a 'special' challenge. These things occur all too often, and bring out the best of human innovation and cooperation. But life and business is also about solving everyday 'chronic' problems. My coaching work is all about guiding business leaders to overcome both their special challenges and to solve their chronic problems. Many times we are all just a short distance from key solutions. We just need a friend and coach to guide us to the next step. An extension cord and plug can make a life and death difference.

Check out this newsletter for a simple and safe way to power your home's heating system in an emergency, just as I helped my neighbors.

pdf #21 - March 2013 Newsletter - Do You Need A Cash Flow Fitness Program?

Download (pdf, 133 KB)


Many big businesses reported good sales last year and so far this year. But what about small business revenue? Here at PBC, we are hearing a lot about how tight the cash situation is and how it is holding enterprises back, like nothing else. What can you do, as a business leader, to overcome your cash 'dribble' and turn it into a managed cash flow that is THE lifeblood of all businesses?

Find out in this newsletter the fundamental areas to explore to improve that all important measure, your cash flow.

pdf #22 - April 2013 Newsletter - Are you a Theory X or Theory Y leader?

Download (pdf, 312 KB)


What kind of leader are you? Are you a Theory X leader who believes that employees want to be instructed and told what to do? or, are you a Theory Y leader who leads by taking into account the employee's natural desire and commitment to work hard on objectives?

Check out for more of this simple and useful model of human motivation theories, as well as The Virtuous Cycle of Trust concept in this newsletter...and become a better leader today!

pdf #23 - May 2013 Newsletter - Are you Focused for Business Survival?

Download (pdf, 303 KB)


The business world is full of interesting stuff that can attract your focus and dilute your efforts and your message. When things threaten your business, you need to stay calm and focus on the things that will work well for you. In business, it really is all about the power of focusing on your mission.

Read the entire newsletter to learn how your business can survive catastrophic mistakes by believing in yourself and the Power of Focus.

pdf #24 - June 2013 Newsletter - Do you have the essence of a great leadership culture or do you just blame others?

Download (pdf, 244 KB)


Talking about their dreams and doing what they say, is the essence of a great leadership. And a great leader never turns to blaming others when things go wrong, but rather takes ownership of initiatives and responsibility for all that happens.

In this newsletter, we discuss how the 5 Powerful Principles of Leadership apply to us all, from the CEOs of global corporations to summer interns at local ice cream shop.

pdf #25 - July 2013 Newsletter - Do you have a coaching culture? Want one?

Download (pdf, 177 KB)


Learn about the 12 Coaching Core Competencies that form the basis of a coaching culture and start implementing them in your business and your life today. Coaching is not just for the licensed professional, everyone can benefit from applying the methods.

pdf #26 - August 2013 Newsletter - Entering the last phase of the year, how are your sales?

Download (pdf, 194 KB)


Are your sales on track to exceed growth expectations this year?

Are you looking for a fresh approach to grow your business?

How robust is your sales process?

There are many modern sales processes you can choose from...but the essential point is to have a process that suits your business needs - a process that will completely transform the way you look at your sales system.

pdf #27 - September 2013 Newsletter - Do you share, or keep all the good stuff to yourself?

Download (pdf, 173 KB)


Are you telling people about your vision, your goals, and your objectives? Or, are you keeping your goals a secret?

Communicate constantly. When you put "out in the world," what you want, you are using a very powerful leadership skill. It will generate change.

Read this newsletter and learn how to create wealth and jobs by drawing everyone in your circle of influence into your quests both large and small.

pdf #28 - October 2013 Newsletter - Scary Question - Is Your Business Future at Risk?

Download (pdf, 171 KB)


Do you know that you are putting your business future at unnecessary risk every day, because you don't have 'succession' or 'continuity' plans? When it comes time to exit your business, what state will you leave it in? Be prepared to build your legacy now, while you still can, if you want your business survive to see 3 generations.

Let PBC guide you through the succession planning process and secure your legacy,  or risk these 4 nightmare scenarios: 1.) Scary unknown, 2.) The Panic, 3.) The Zombie, 4.) The Ghost scenario

Download this newsletter to learn more about this important topic of having a viable succession plan and a business continuity plan.

pdf #29 - November 2013 Newsletter - Want to Get Your Employees Engaged?

Download (pdf, 245 KB)


So you can't buy engagement. In addition, you cannot persuade people to contribute more when at work. Moreover, you cannot force them to have friends or like their boss. So what can you do?

Download this Newsletter to know more about 9 practical changes you can make in your business culture to get your employees engaged.

pdf #30 - December 2013 Newsletter - Don't Worry - Be Happy

Download (pdf, 168 KB)


THE secrets of business success is not the goal after years of hard work.
The secret is: Happiness is the Starting point.
Success sometimes creates Happiness but often disappoints.
Happiness on the other hand usually leads to Success.
So in the infamous words of Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry, Be Happy.

Download this Newsletter to find out how It all Starts with Happiness.

pdf #31 - January 2014 Newsletter - Looking Back to Look Forward

Download (pdf, 289 KB)


This time of year is great for taking stock and re-energizing for the next stage of your business plan. I've been listening to you, and your responses to my tweets, posts, blogs and newsletters tell me that you found 5 coaching pieces most inspiring and useful in your business endeavors.

Download this newsletter and apply these 5 Business Insights: 1) Share Your Vision, 2) Engage Your Employees, 3) It all Starts with Happiness, 4) Develop a Coaching Culture, and 5) Generate Simple Ideas and Solutions to grow your business into the future.

pdf #32 - February 2014 Newsletter - Making this year the best year ever? Or just winging it?

Download (pdf, 210 KB)


Remember the definition of insanity?... It's doing today, the same as you did yesterday, and expecting a different result.  Are you doing the same old thing?  Where's your plan?  Got enough "stretch" in it?  Download this newsletter to learn more about the 4 ideas for different ways to kick start your wealth creation this year and be sure to let us know how it's going!

pdf #33 - March 2014 Newsletter - Dare You Join the Entrepreneur Revolution?

Download (pdf, 269 KB)


The Internet is driving a revolution in  entrepreneurship. Several of my clients are taking advantage of these opportunities and it truly is an amazing time to start a business or apply these ideas to reinvigorate an existing one.

Start good businesses, and make good businesses better.
If you want some of this newsletter and learn about the
10 different things to do, to be part of this Entrepreneur Revolution.

pdf #34 - May 2014 Newsletter - Are You Focused on What Matters Most?

Download (pdf, 390 KB)


Every day, you make hard choices, as entrepreneurs and executives.  You hope the results will go your way.  Setting priorities is the most important strategy we have.  It is the last word in time management and the main success factor for any business.

Joe Calloway's book "Be the Best at What Matters Most," is a superlative, straight talking piece of work.  All about focusing on what's important, as the ultimate strategy.  Read this Newsletter for some real eye-openers.

pdf #35 - June 2014 Newsletter - Want to Make Your Business 'Super Fit'?

Download (pdf, 286 KB)


Objectively look at your business. You could be doing better...
Take a course of PBC therapy to get the 5 behaviors for business health embedded in your business. Multiply the smart things you already have going for you, to become a super fit organization.
If you want to make your business 'Super Fit,' download this newsletter to learn more about the 5 Part Prescription For Super Fitness.

pdf #36 - August 2014 Newsletter - Level Up Your Productivity by Changing Your Mind at the Turn of the Seasons

Download (pdf, 272 KB)


This turn of the seasons is the best time to reap the rewards of our spring sowing of ideas for a fruitful fall. There is a plethora of time management advice out there. Yet it can only bring about big changes in personal productivity, if you are in the right frame of mind to change.

Download this newsletter to learn more about the management of time, THE ultimate limited resource, and the mindset of maximum personal productivity.

pdf #37 - September 2014 Newsletter - Do you think like an exceptional company, or are you just average?

Download (pdf, 490 KB)


Many of my clients are involving me in strategic planning off-site events, as they plan ahead for more success.
As business leaders, you all look to answer the same questions:
How do we know which strategy to choose?
What is THE way to achieve exceptional business growth?

Download this Newsletter to learn the insights to the 3 simple, powerful rules that will guide you along THE thought path most trod by exceptional companies, if you want your business to rise above the herd and become a star performer.

pdf #38 - October 2014 Newsletter - We are... ALL of US, in the People Business!

Download (pdf, 222 KB)


We are... ALL of US, in the People Business!
It is the idea of getting back to the fundamentals of building our relationships: a one-to-one conversation, human connection with all the people in your business.

One-to-ones are Top Priority!
In this newsletter, we discuss how to customize your one-to-ones and the importance of relationship capital as a key to business success.

Read this newsletter, and ask yourself; how good are my relationships?

pdf #39 - November 2014 - Do you have rich person habits or poor person habits?

Download (pdf, 572 KB)


The question I often get from my clients is: What are those things I should "Do?"  Tom Corley in his book 'Rich Habits' provides some help with his 16 wealthy habits. I challenge all of you to try out your personal top 6 habits.

Read this Newsletter for more on how to Be wealthy, by Doing the things wealthy people do and Having wealth that results.

pdf #40 - December 2014 - Three Powerful Principles to Improve Your Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Download (pdf, 265 KB)


Focus, Relationships, and Productive Habits can have profound effects.

Download this newsletter for a quick overview of some of our most popular posts on these powerful principles.

pdf #41 - January 2015 Newsletter - Free Giveaway - Selling More, Really is ALL in the Mind

Download (pdf, 644 KB)


Your customers are not rational, and their buying decisions are 9/10ths subconscious and emotional! Selling more, really is all in the mind.

Download this newsletter to learn more about some of the top insights to help you make better products and services, plus numerous ideas from neuromarketing, for a sales bonanza this year.

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