Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Getting StartedMore Business... More Money... Less Stress... With a Guarantee!

Working with us will be a very profitable and satisfying experience for a motivated business owner. Yes - initially, there will be hard work and costs involved. However, soon efficiencies will kick-in, and life will become easier, and the investment will pay back many times over.

A business coaching relationship is a personal one, with one-on-one coaching lasting 12 months or longer and group coaching lasting 12+ weeks; it is worth taking the time to see if the relationship is likely to be a "good fit."

We suggest that you call us at (781) 319-9820 to schedule a free personal appointment. You should set aside an hour of undisturbed time for this meeting. We promise you that:

  • It will be a discovery process - there will be NO PRESSURE.
  • Should YOU decide that "this is not for me" - say so - again - there will be no pressure.
  • Should WE conclude that we can't provide a SIGNIFICANT benefit - we will also say so - we only work with businesses where we can make a MAJOR contribution.

The concept of coaching is likely new to you, and we expect you will have many questions from us - we want to make sure we respond to all your concerns. On our part - coaching requires insight - we will need to ask you many probing questions. We promise all information will remain confidential.

At the end of the meeting, we should have reached clarity about whether coaching is for you - whether you wish to take it to the next step or not (next step may mean that you want to get started right away, or that you want to continue the conversation later).

Because of the importance of the relationship, we provide a one-month "better than money-back" guarantee. Should you decide, after the first month of coaching, that we are not a good fit or are not receiving an adequate return for your coaching investment, we will return the fees for that month and cancel our agreement. You get to keep any materials you received before that time.

We provide information - We coach - We do NOT apply sales pressure.

Realize your dreams for your business - CALL US TODAY!

If you are interested in learning more, please call Bernhard Heine now at 781-319-9820 or click here to contact us.

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