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Right People in the Right Job EMPOWERS Your Business.

Please see this introductory video which is shown to everyone taking the assessment to assure they are in the right mindset to get the most accurate result:

Are you ready to take your hiring and selection process to the next level? Do you want to avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce turnover, and improve employee satisfaction and performance? If so, you need PXT Select, the most comprehensive and reliable assessment solution on the market.

PXT Select helps you match the right people to the right roles, based on their thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests. It also provides you with coaching and development reports, team and managerial reports, and career guidance reports, to help you optimize your talent strategy.

PXT Select is not only for hiring new talent. It’s also a fantastic way of assessing your current team and identifying who is the best fit for their current job, and who might be better suited for a different position, and who is best suited for leadership positions. There are many ways to use the data and 13 reports can be generated based on the candidate or employee only taking the assessment one time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your organization with PXT Select. Contact us today and get a free demo of this powerful tool. We’ll show you how PXT Select can help you hire confidently, train effectively, and retain successfully. Click on the “Get Started” link below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you! To find out how your organization can benefit from PXT Select, please contact us and get started today!”

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