Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Article originally written by: Shina Neo | The Patriot Ledger


Bernhard Heine has a passion for "teamwork and working with others."
Photo by Gary Higgins | The Patriot Ledger


Marshfield resident Bernhard Heine started his coaching business, Professional Business Coaches Inc., after deciding that “coaching embodied all things that are my strengths and also my passions.”


MARSHFIELD -- Business coach Bernhard C. Heine, president of Professional Business Coaches Inc., believes he’s living his dream job.

Heine, who has an MBA from Harvard Business School, previously worked as executive director of strategic planning for Textron Inc., as a marketing coordinator for Coca-Cola and as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

“I realized when I looked at my career what I really loved to do and what I didn’t like to do, and I decided coaching embodied all things that are my strengths and also my passions,” said Heine, a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. “I always migrate to teamwork and working with others.”

His home-based virtual company has three part-time employees and another business coach.

Heine believes a successful business includes a visionary with great ideas and a manager who can execute and delegate what needs doing.


What is your technique for business coaching?
A lot of business people that have been around have a lot of knowledge themselves, but they don’t have it organized in a fashion where they can move forward. I don’t recommend what people should do. I help them with self- actualization. I help them become self-aware so they can take self-direction. It’s getting them to realize themselves and what they want to do. The more I tell people what to do, the less likely they are to do it. People are less committed to the solution that someone else is imposing on them. I want people to be committed to a solution that we make together.


Is the business-coaching market competitive?
I rarely see competition on the client side. I’m usually competing against a lack of knowledge that coaching is a possibility. Most people don’t know it exists. It didn’t exist 20 years ago; it’s a brand-new industry.


What’s the difference between a business consultant, an executive coach and a business coach?
A consultant works almost like a temporary staffing situation. Essentially, the reason you hire a consultant is that you don’t have the expertise in house to do the level of work that needs to happen.
There’s always been the executive coaching part, which is: “I just got promoted. What do I do? How do I work as a leader?” ...But business coaching is ... helping on the business-process side and the executive-coaching side. The big difference from the consulting world is we don’t do the work for people, we help them be capable of doing the work on their own.


What makes you different and stand apart from other business coaches?
We are all very unique in our background and how we approach things. Coaching is a very personal thing, so people need to feel they can trust the coach they are working with. I belong to the Professional Business Coaches Alliance, a large organization of like-minded people genuinely interested in helping others. I have a hundred other people to ask if I get a complicated question. A lot of other coaches are on their own.


What are your plans for the future?
I want to add more people to my coaching firm. I also want to attract people who are thinking of coaching. I can see a certain level of specialization coming out of that. Some might be focused on just the sales training, and others might be focused on coaching different groups.

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