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Professional Business Coaches

pdf #92 - October 2019 Newsletter - Customers Prospects and Referrals: CPR Part 2

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Download this newsletter for the continuation on the topic of our free download CPR tool. This important tool can help all businesses, large and small, without exception.

So read on to see how best to implement our CPR tool and learn the business advantages that will flow from doing so.

pdf #91 - September 2019 Newsletter - CPR Tool, the Strategic Business Tracker

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In this issue, we're putting out for free an invaluable strategic overview tool that helps you prioritize your time and ensures you cover all the basics with your key referral partners. Use this spreadsheet template to create and track your key prospecting plans as your business relationships develop. Use it daily to get into the details of managing your strategic relationships as appropriate.

Download this newsletter for an outline of this crucial best business practice.

pdf #90 - August 2019 Newsletter - Business Growth Is All in the Mind

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Do you have a "growth mindset" or a "fixed mindset"? It's important to know because it is fundamental to how we view the world and has a profound impact on our level of success in business and life. We talk about mindset a lot when coaching clients and recommend Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol S. Dweck, a book that explains how our psychology affects our success and how we can develop an attitude for growth.
Download this newsletter for a summary of these powerful concepts and tips for putting them to work in your life right now!

pdf #89 - July 2019 Newsletter - What's All This Blockchain Stuff About?

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Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency called Libra. It will be a bank-free means of exchange for transactions online and is the tip of a technological iceberg. This evolutionary strain is based on the new wave known as "blockchain technology."
Download this newsletter for a heads-up thought-provoker, because as business leaders we need to inform ourselves and our IT strategies about the pros and cons of blockchain.

pdf #88 - June 2019 Newsletter - To Buy or Ally? That is the Question!

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So, you want to boost your profits and add value to your business?
Will that takeover or "buy-in" of some of the target firm's equity give you what you want? Or should you go for an inter-firm alliance instead? Each of these strategies is mutually exclusive, with no chance for a do-over. So, your choice must be right the first time.
Download this newsletter for a great decision-making algorithm to help you come to the right decision whether to buy or ally.

pdf #87 - May 2019 Newsletter - Are You a Truly Effective Business Leader?

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Are you a truly effective business leader?
We've drawn up list of actions from Peter F. Drucker's The Effective Executive and Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We use the wisdom of these "gurus" with our clients almost daily.
Download this newsletter and rate yourself on the PBC Leadership Checklist to discover what you do well, what you don't do enough of, and what you should begin doing in order to become ultra-productive.

pdf #86 - April 2019 Newsletter - The Happiest People Spend Money to Buy Time

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Research shows that Americans have more discretionary time now than ever. Yet it's ironic that we spend all our time beavering away BECAUSE "time is money," and we hold the insidious belief that ever-greater consumption of things will make us happy. But research shows the exact opposite is true: The happiest people are those who spend money to buy time.

Download this newsletter for some fascinating time and mind shifts that could upgrade your life.

pdf #85 - March 2019 Newsletter - Rethinking "Task Delay" aka Procrastination

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Do you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get your work done? Do you have multiple lists of reminders, but struggle to complete things? Are you missing out on business opportunities because you don't have the time to follow up? And most annoyingly, how come some people seem to have it all under control? 
Download this newsletter for some great insights on the nature of procrastination, and check out "Time Management in Business."

pdf #84 - February 2019 Newsletter - Treasures of the REM Realm

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We have all the motivation in the world to get a good night's sleep every night. All we are missing are the rational habits to make it so. Well, miss them no more!
Download this newsletter to learn about the six secrets to take you into the REM realm so you and your teams can find the treasures therein. Enjoy, and continue to get some good and restful sleep.

pdf #83 - January 2019 Newsletter - Pudding and Putty are Very Different

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Product- and service-based businesses are as alike as pudding and putty. Fail to appreciate the differences, and all of your windows will fall out.
Download this newsletter for 5 top marketing techniques that are ESSENTIAL to ALL businesses, but that require all-important adaptations for suppliers of physical products by comparison with service-based businesses.

pdf #82 - December 2018 Newsletter - Perception, Visibility, and Influence: The Success Trinity!

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In our November newsletter, we looked at Influence and the 6 sources of "Power to Change Anything" AND implement improvements through people. This month we go to the next level by adding two more skill areas: how you are perceived, and your visibility in the world. As we end this year, we thought this would be a great tool to help in your planning for the next. Think about how you can take your career and your business to the next level.

Download this newsletter for the outline plan on how to implement these common-sense concepts.


pdf #81 - November 2018 Newsletter - Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

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What superpower would you choose?
The power to change people's behavior is the most common topic we have when coaching our clients. If they were to choose a superpower, that would be it.

Download this newsletter to learn the six sources of influence that, when applied in your business, can not only make extraordinary change possible but completely certain.

pdf #80 - October 2018 Newsletter - 3 Keys to Unlock Self-Control and Personal Productivity

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Where would you rank "self-control" in your list of personal attributes? Psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania asked this question in a survey of many people. Almost all of them put it very low on the list, if not at the bottom. But self-control is a crucial element of emotional intelligence and the foundation skill of personal productivity.

At PBC, we believe that self-control is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and built upon, so as to exponentially improve your personal productivity.

Download this newsletter to learn about the three keys to the enigma that is self-control and personal productivity.


pdf #79 - September 2018 Newsletter - The Trusty Dozen Selling Fundamentals

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Are you going to hit this year's revenue targets? This is a perennial issue with many of our clients at this time. The first thing we ask is: Are you focused on the right metrics and are your salespeople on top of their game? All too often we find businesses that look at end results while neglecting the sales process.

Download this newsletter to learn about our trusty dozen selling fundamentals. Then call us to talk about our "Client Builder" sales methodology training. 

pdf #78 - August 2018 Newsletter - 6 Principles for a "FIT" Business Ethos

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Your business is like your body. When it's fit, it is profitable, growing, vibrant, and a fun place to be. AND a real wealth-creating asset to your communities. But...How fit is your business? Are you well designed for the future?

Download this newsletter for insights to put your business on its own coaching and exercise regimen.

pdf #77 - July 2018 Newsletter - EQ: Great Leaders Develop Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is a hot topic right now because it is a proven factor for success in both business and personal life. But how can you build your EQ skills? As coaches, we are focused on getting our clients to take actions to do just that.

Download this newsletter to learn about this exciting new development in the EQ arena.

pdf #76 - June 2018 Newsletter - 4 Practical Steps to a VALUES-Driven Business

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Living in accordance with our values makes us better people. Implementing our business values at the micro decision-making level makes our businesses better and more successful. The big question is "How do I implement my values?"

Download this newsletter for the 4 essential and practical steps to values-driven profit growth.

pdf #75 - May 2018 Newsletter - Mindfulness Wins in Business

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For businesses of all sizes, mindfulness training can reduce sick time, build trust in your leadership, and fully engage your employees. By developing mindfulness in each individual employee, you instill a holistic organizational culture that is agile and able to respond effectively to anything the market, the economy, or your competitors throw at you.

Download this newsletter for a discussion of how mindfulness can help your business overcome information overload and perpetual distraction.

pdf #74 - April 2018 Newsletter - How is Your 100-Year Business Plan Coming Along?

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We are "old school" here at PBC. A lot of our coaching is encouraging business leaders to take a longer view of their activities. We like to paraphrase that wise old Chinese proverb: "If your plan is for one year, grow rice. If your plan is for ten years, grow trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, grow people." For many entrepreneurs the big questions are "what would happen to my business if I were not there?" and "what can I do today so as to ensure tomorrow?"

Download this newsletter to understand why training your successor is your prime leadership responsibility, whether you are a start-up, growing the business, or preparing an exit strategy.

pdf #73 - March 2018 Newsletter - The ONE Business Secret Everybody Knows ... (but we all forget!)

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As entrepreneurs we all have goals, but the real key to achieving them is to focus on the processes that deliver the results. The coaching team here at PBC has lost count of the number of clients who neglect the input activities and spend too much time and energy on their own unmet expectations.

Download this newsletter for more on the business secret that we all know, but that we all forget sometimes.

pdf #72 - February 2018 Newsletter - Best Business Lessons Ever, Anyone?

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What business lessons did you learn last year? We learned a lot, and we are sure you did too. At a recent team meeting, we talked about things we (re)learned over the last 12 months.

Download this newsletter to learn about the 4 things we consider essential to business success.

pdf #71 - January 2018 Newsletter - 4 Keys to Unlock Your Super Personal Productivity

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It's new year once again - the time when we resolve to do better, to make those significant changes in our life and/or health. How many of you are repeating resolutions from last year? I know I am, because I've been procrastinating when I should have been doing. But I'm going to succeed this time around.

You see, I've discovered 4 keys to freeing up my super productive self. I've been reading "Rework" by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. It is a reassuring call to action. Download this newsletter to learn more about these 4 keys to super personal productivity.

pdf #70 - December 2017 Newsletter - Mobile-Free Life - 9 Pathways to Retaking Control of Your Lives, Loves, and Relationships

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Nowadays, it is undeniable how addiction to the dopamine shots of social media is spoiling the millennial generation. According to Simon Sinek, there are 9 pathways to curbing your smartphone "addiction."

Download this newsletter to learn how you can retake control of your lives, loves, and relationships, and have a mobile-free life!

pdf #65 - July 2017 Newsletter - 7 Secrets of Business Survival

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The old sage advice to business people: "Prepare TODAY in the fat times for the lean times to come tomorrow."  
How can we ensure our survival when the business cycle turns against us?

Download this newsletter to learn about those seven preventive practices to improve your balance sheet, the anchor of your enterprise, when the economic storm winds begin to blow

pdf #64 - June 2017 Newsletter - 4 Neuroscience Super Powers: Yours for the Taking!

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Happiness is the prerequisite to success in both business and life. We live in amazing times, and neuroscience is showing us the way to grasp happiness, and therefore success, by editing our inner screenplays.

Download this newsletter for the summary of 4 super powers revealed to us by neuroscience. Then change your mind to happy feel good, and take the road to business success, NOW!

pdf #69 - November 2017 Newsletter - Sales Secrets in This Digital Era

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Meeting sales challenges NOW! Or how has the Internet changed the market? This digital era simply offers us more and bigger stages on which to strut our stuff - ONLY the medium has changed!

Download this newsletter to know more about the reminder of the timeless secrets to selling more, and some tips for adapting to the digital marketplace.

pdf #66 - August 2017 Newsletter - 5 Tips for Designing Your Life

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Have you had some well-earned R&R time to consider the big picture disconnected from the daily grind of work? I suggest you spend some time to reflect on what you really want to get out of life. I am reading and discussing with clients the concepts of Designing your Life by Burnett and Evans. The practical exercises are very impactful, and use "design principles" to help people discover a "Well-Lived and Joyful Life."

Download this newsletter to learn more about those five excellent self-improvement tips to design your own destiny.

pdf #68 - October 2017 Newsletter - Act NOW on the 5 BIG Business Risks!

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There are five most common reasons for small business failure. Those five big business risks do not have to be death knells for your business. Forewarned of the challenges ahead means forearmed.  

Download this newsletter to not only learn the five main causes of bankruptcy, but also to take steps to limit your business exposure to those risks.

pdf #67 - September 2017 Newsletter - 4 Mind-Resets for Greater Personal Productivity

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There are only twenty-four hours in everyone's day. Going back and doing things better the second time around is the stuff of science fiction. But you can gain an extra twenty minutes from every hour of work!
By concentrating on the high-value stuff! By making it a priority over the ubiquitous "to do" list.
But how do you know the right stuff when you see it?
Download this newsletter for some great personal productivity tips.

pdf #62 - April 2017 Newsletter - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone for Your Strategic Planning 'Time Out'

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There are fantastic opportunities to help us think out of the box, compare notes with other business owners, get ideas that will help us render better products or services to our customers, and run our own practices better.

This newsletter will guide you on how to make time for a strategic planning 'time out', at least once a year. Get inspired and brainstorm ways to make your business the best in your industry.

pdf #63 - May 2017 Newsletter - THE Simple Secret of Success

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I have been reading about Alan Mulally's remarkable achievements as CEO at Boeing (post 9/11) and Ford (post 2008 crisis). The essential secret of his success is in his leadership meetings, where he always talks about The Vision, then the Strategies, and then the Tactics for progress.

Download this newsletter for some additional insights about these impactful management practices.

pdf #61 - February 2017 Newsletter - 3 Risks to Your Business That Hide in Plain Sight

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We have been spending a lot of thinking time lately with Nassim Nicolas Taleb, the author of The Black Swan and Antifragile. Black swans are his metaphor for events that are a) unpredictable; b) massive in their consequences for the people concerned; and c) obvious in hindsight.

Download this newsletter to learn more about the three of his most significant points. We call them “risks hiding in plain sight.”

pdf #53 - May 2016 Newsletter - Stand on the Shoulders of Giants!

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Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs, the greatest business minds of our  time, have some common themes and timeless lessons that help explain the phenomenal success of their companies - Microsoft, Intel, and Apple.

Read this newsletter for a summary of those key concepts.

pdf #51 - March 2016 Newsletter - Sure You're SMART but Are You HEALTHY?

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All of you likely lead or are in very smart and effective organizations, but how many of you are in really healthy ones?

A healthy organization is one that learns and gets smarter over time. Healthy organizations have minimal politics and confusion, have high moral and productivity, and low turnover.

Download this newsletter to discover the 5 symptoms of organization ill-health and consider a step-by-step fitness program for overtaking the competition.

pdf #50 - February 2016 Newsletter - Are You Wasting Your Most Valuable Resources?

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Is your resolution for the coming year to be more productive with your time and energy? Reaffirm this resolution, not because you failed to do it last year, but rather because personal productivity is something that can ALWAYS be improved. It's always changing too, as our goals and ideas change.

Download this newsletter to see my top personal productivity tips and be your most productive self!

pdf #60 - January 2017 Newsletter - 4 Open Secrets to Win Customer Loyalty

In Newsletter Archive

To get the new calendar year started right, this newsletter is about customer service, because businesses that provide world class customer service prosper. And only a total customer service culture keeps you in business for the long term.

Read on to learn again, what you already know; the Four Open Secrets that can help you win customer loyalty and generate new business success. It's not rocket science, but a detailed professionalism.

pdf #59 - December 2016 Newsletter - 3 Lost Keys That Unlock Sales and Happy Holidays

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With so many distractions of the season, we can forget how our success is ALL about our customer service.  Are you delighting your customers at every contact? Or are you neglecting them into the arms of other vendors? The math is clear! It is five times more expensive to make sales to new customers than it is to keep your current customers happy.

Download this newsletter to find the 3 lost keys and consider ways to delight your customers. Let's keep them coming back to you, year after year, and get them talking about you to their friends.

pdf #58 - November 2016 Newsletter - 4 New Secrets to the Coming Year's Success

In Newsletter Archive

Let's take our businesses to the next level. We, at PBC, are interested in your second and third thoughts - and not just your automatic responses - to some searching business questions in the arenas of pricing, new sales, cost reduction, and productivity. By reflecting on some essential seed questions, that will stimulate actions for even greater profit growth in the new year.

Read this newsletter and be sure to note down your ideas to grow your profitability, no matter how outrageous. Fresh seed ideas are how to work smarter. Not harder!

pdf #56 - September 2016 Newsletter - Mind Your Own Business!

In Newsletter Archive

At PBC, one of our key goals is to guide you pass the 7 'thought traps' that get in the way of your success. As successful entrepreneurs, you work hard on yourself and your business. But we could all do with some support.

Download this newsletter and learn how to stop being your own worst enemy...stop hindering your own success...and start to have a new perspective on things, to win in business and life.

pdf #57 - October 2016 Newsletter - Know Your Brain to Grow Your Business!

In Newsletter Archive

Knowing your brain is knowing strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus, and working smarter all day long. By understanding the physical nature and limitations of our brain, we can take actions to unleash the limitless creative capacity of the most complex organism on the planet.

Download this newsletter for some powerful strategies, tips, and insights to force-multiply your thinking at work.

pdf #55 - August 2016 Newsletter - Take Your Recreation Literally!

In Newsletter Archive

Vacation R&R is absolutely crucial to building success at home and in business. When we relax and un-focus, our subconscious minds are freed to come up with our most creative ideas. What inspirations have you had in your breaks?

Download this newsletter for more thoughts on vacation inspiration. Learn why vacations are so important to us in both our personal and business development.

pdf #54 - July 2016 Newsletter - Can You Read Other People and Make that Work for You?

In Newsletter Archive

At PBC, we have ben using DiSC analyses and other assessments with all of our clients because they really help us help them run better businesses and lead better lives.

Download this newsletter to know more about how we use these tools in helping people improve their self-awareness and helping them adapt to other peoples' styles so that they can practice the platinum rule, "Treat others as they wish to be treated."

pdf #49 - December 2015 Newsletter - Something New for This Year?

In Newsletter Archive

Stuck with the 'business as usual' way of doing things? Maybe hoping for better results without changing anything? At the turn of the year, we naturally review our goals and strategies.

Download this newsletter for some ideas on how to renew, to reinvigorate and reinvent, not just your business but your industry - to make the UNUSUAL, business as usual, and grow profitably.

pdf #48 - November 2015 Newsletter - Are You Thankful For Your Strengths? Do You Know What They Are?

In Newsletter Archive

When we're doing things that we are good at and we're passionate about, we never really have to "work" because we enjoy it so much. The question is, do you know your strengths, and are you aware of your passions, and what you really love to do?

Download this newsletter to learn about leveraging your strengths and passions to significantly improve your lives and your businesses.

pdf #47 - October 2015 Newsletter - Are You Creating Wealth or Just Taking Care of Chores?

In Newsletter Archive

Focus and Determination on MEANINGFUL goals - a simple concept that makes a big difference to your personal productivity.

Download this newsletter if you want to achieve so much more within 24 hours each day, and get focused on the tasks that make you a super wealth creator.

pdf #46 - September 2015 Newsletter - What Choices Do You Make? - How's That Working For You?

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Leadership is a CHOICE. What do you choose? - Are you choosing to be a leader? Or are you choosing to be a victim?

Start making the right choices!

Download this newsletter to learn how to create (or re-create) a leadership culture - a solution to the significant lack of leadership.

pdf #45 - July 2015 Newsletter - Thriving in a Matrix World...

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When you recognize that your business is a key part of the global economic matrix, you can grow and develop along with it, by working matrix style, as and when needed.

Your role is 'Champion of Continuous Improvement'...

Download this newsletter for some practical tips and guidance on how to thrive in a matrix world...

pdf #52 - April 2016 Newsletter - Are You Sowing Seeds of Growth with 'Word of Mouth' Marketing?

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Every business owner certainly wants a great idea for planting the seed of an unprecedented sales BLOOM.

The very old idea with an ultra-modern twist, I suggest is, 'word of mouth' marketing.

Download this newsletter to get your business buzzing and your customers excitedly telling others about you. And grow your profits...

pdf #44 - May 2015 Newsletter - Work ON your Business, Not IN it - the Power of Delegation

In Newsletter Archive

We all know that holding on to stuff others can do, is neither productive nor cost effective! The 2 top executive skill gaps - according to a survey of CEOs - are 1) delegation skills and 2) developing talent in-house.

So how good are you at delegating? Do you know best who should do what?

Download this newsletter for more on delegating, THE indispensable management process.

pdf #43 - April 2015 Newsletter - Are You Truly the Best You Can Be?

In Newsletter Archive

To totally remake every aspect of your business and ensure even more success from now on, set a new vision, marketing strategy, sales program or improve other processes for your business.

Download this newsletter to learn  more about the 3 key ideas of the 12 principles of highly successful leaders: (1) Transform your leadership and management, (2) high performance teams and solid relationships, (3) Transform your life.

Spring into action and transform your leadership to be the best it can be...

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