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Empower Change with Deep Insight Into Your
Organization’s Strengths and Key Developmental Opportunities

Empower Change with Deep Insight Into Your Organization’s Strengths and Key Developmental Opportunities

When setting out to improve your sales results, it’s essential to understand what strengths to accentuate and which specific problems to solve. Unfortunately, sales is often played out in the relatively unmonitored theatre of your customer’s offices. And, salespeople are notoriously good at making excuses and selling themselves to you.

These factors combine to thwart most attempts to diagnose the real underlying causes of success and failure. The only dependable way to get that understanding is by utilizing the right objective sales assessments and sales analysis tools, and comparing what’s happening now in your organization with known indicators of success.

Yet our clients report that other sales consultants and trainers don’t take the time to assess their organization at the level we do. They rely on generalized industry knowledge and surface-level understanding of the company’s goals, without getting a complete picture of its people, structure, and strategy.

Many also misapply tools when evaluating team members, using sales assessments that focus on general tendencies or personality traits – factors that don’t actually reflect potential sales success.

Many managers and executives end up coming to us with the mistaken belief that sales ability can’t be accurately assessed. As a result, they’ve been favoring salespeople they personally connect with or who match their idea of what a good seller is like. But the only way they can assess them is to actually hire them and see how they perform, a hit-or-miss approach that leads to all kinds of problems from HR issues to unreliable sales.

But with the appropriate sales assessment tools, combined with understanding based in decades of experience, we go deep with sales report consulting to get a complete picture not only of individuals’ sales and management abilities, but also how these abilities are operating within the company’s market strategy and structure.

Assess the Current Team

Assess the Current Team

To best determine your company needs for sales improvement, we start by understanding the current makeup of your team. We assess each individual for the beliefs, habits, and best practices that drive sales success and identify counterproductive tendencies.

We also examine the team as a whole, looking at existing systems and processes and the effects of leadership. We can then customize the training and coaching needed to get your team pointed in the right direction, as well as identify any roles needing adjustment or new hires.

Optimize Hiring

Optimize Hiring

Knowing what specific traits and skill sets are needed for any roles that need to be filled enables us to focus the hiring process. Using effective assessment tools for each candidate ensures that you hire the right person for each role who can and will sell successfully.

And, while nobody will ever be perfect, you’ll be hiring with up-front clarity about the support, coaching, and training each new team member will need for maximum success. Bottom line, you’ll be empowered to build your team with more confidence.

Check the Foundations

Check the Foundations

Sales teams don’t exist in isolation. To function at their best, they need to be supported by a solid infrastructure in the form of processes, systems, and tools, and well-defined value proposition, go-to-market strategy, and positioning.

What salespeople are taking to market and the competitive pressures at play have a profound impact on the selling styles and structure needed within the team. By checking that each of these foundational pieces is clearly spelled out and all of them fit together, we ensure a stable base for developing the team.

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Our solutions follow the principles of “The Culture of Sales™”

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