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Sales do not happen in a vacuum. An organized, intentional, and carefully structured sales program is an essential component of a strategic business plan. The challenge is finding the right people to represent your company in an effective and profitable way.

That’s why we recommend the Client Builder Sales Academy as a supplemental – but critical – part of your overall coaching and consulting agenda.

The Client Builder Sales Academy can teach you and your organization the practical and powerful 7-step Client Builder sales methodology. Combining the latest sales philosophies and reinforcement training with drills and role plays*, we ensure that your sales organization is performing at its best. Improving your sales skills means you can close more business, spend your time and resources more effectively, and grow your profits.

The standard program (which can be customized to fit your organization’s needs) runs twice a month for 6 or 12 months to fully transform your sales function and train you and your staff to be world-class sales professionals. An Everything DiSC Sales analysis for all participants is included as well as a Sales Person Effectiveness Analysis for each team member and the entire team where applicable. Other assessment tools are also available.

The program includes 70+ worksheets (the participant’s personalized version of the process) delivered through an on-line training platform loaded with reading assignments, video clips, and audio clips to allow for self-paced independent learning and live group sessions for practice and reinforcement.

Check out the Client Builder Sales Academy  website for more details. Then Contact Us to schedule an in-depth discussion to uncover your most critical sales training needs.

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