The better we are at prospecting, the better we are at selling. Hi my name is Bernie Heine, and I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about prospecting and what that means for our sales process. Most people love to do marketing — getting out there, bragging about what an amazing company they are, all the great things we can do for our clients. It’s fun to do marketing. It’s also really fun to do the selling. When you’re in front of a qualified lead and you’ve got a great discussion going, you know that this is somebody that needs what you have – you have the right solutions, you can solve their pains, you can sell them a great product. But how do we make the connection?

Improving Your Prospecting Technique

Prospecting is the hard part, that’s the part that most people avoid doing at all costs. It’s the prospecting. It’s making the cold call, it’s getting out there and proactively creating leads for your business. So marketing is good at getting some buzz and getting people to maybe call your company, selling is all about closing the sale, but the prospecting brings the two together. So we have to get out there and work with the leads that are coming in, we have to create new leads, maybe through networking, maybe through cold calling, maybe through cold walking when you just walk in to companies and ask if they can use your services, how can you help them, how can you be of service. So avoid not paying attention to this part, this is the part that makes the difference. It’s the part that we can measure the most activity on – how often are we making calls, how often are we getting out there in front of the prospects that are really going to be our clients going forward, our customers going forward. So don’t avoid the prospecting, do the prospecting. It’s the magic piece that brings marketing into sales.