I’ll come to marketing in the digital era, but first a mention of the three pillars of selling more. Namely…
A Systematic Approach

1.   A Systematic Approach that ensures all your salespeople sing from the same hymn sheet.

At PBC, we coach “Client Builder Selling,” a proven, practical, and effective approach.

What is the story of your business

2.   The Eye-Catching And Gripping Story Of Your Business.  So, what’s your story? Why do what you do? What are you making better? What pain does your business relieve? Why you, when you could simply have a career in your specialty? Check out Simon Sinek’s TED talk about starting with Why. Then create your compelling message by filling in the gaps of this product vision statement: For (your target market) who (define the need/problem) the (product name) is a (product category) that (statement of key benefit). It will all add up to a compelling reason to buy. Unlike (main competitor’s offering) our product (state what makes you different)

Ask and actively listen to your customers

3.   Check Out Our Previous Blog Post  at this link: Listen to your customers, be your customers, and assess continuously your own service provision.

Adapt or Die in the Digital Era.

When it comes to marketing in the digital era, the big question we have for you is, “what are your customers looking at right now?” If they are like you and I, then we know for sure they are no longer relying on print ads for new product information or watching commercial TV breaks. No! They are looking at Facebook or absorbing the content on one or more of 15 other digital platforms. They want to know about actual experiences with products, not just read the company story. The facts are startling… For good or ill, we spend, on average, 5 hours every day looking at our mobile devices.
Telling page-turner stories on digital platforms is a key way to garner sales leads. Oh, and automation is NOT the only answer because sales are, were, and always will be about three words: relationships, relationships, and relationships. There is no substitute for the human touch in empathizing with their needs and frustrations.
Create custom content for each digital platform, because they are each unique experiences satisfying individual customer requirements. The best tool for specific jobs is the right approach to digital marketing. There is no shortcut. We all need to learn anew the right approach for the perceived opportunity. Ask yourself where is your target customer and how do they actually behave? Will Snapchat catch their eye? Is email up to the job or just a spam too far? Do you need an event for that personal connection?
Product Book of Records.” The cost of entry to this marketing channel is now within reach of us all. So, there is no excuse for not creating entertaining and informative content as the link to loyal customers.
It’s an inescapable truth that we cannot tell our customers where to focus their attention. You may deplore the trend for wall-to-wall selfies, but there is no point in complaining. Because the market is the market! Period. Once we learn this fact of business life, we can move on to realizing the upside, as Snapchat did.