I can’t tell you how many times people share with me their marketing materials, and it’s all wrong. Hi, my name is Bernie Heine, and I will talk today about the laws of marketing physics. This comes from a book by Doug Hall called Jumpstart Your Business Brain.

Overt Benefit

The first lawDoug Hall talks about is having to have an overt benefit. Marketing should include a benefit that hits people between the eyes, and make them feel as though someone spoke to them directly.


The second one is believability, that there should be a real reason to believe. Like, “I can believe all that stuff” – I’m talking about the pedigree, certifications, or testimonials from people you can believe.

Dramatic Difference

The final law of marketing physics is, is there a dramatic difference? What’s the difference between your company and all of the competition?

Apply the Laws of Marketing Physics

Now, add it all together, applying these three laws of marketing physics. It really gives the marketing message a pop.

People see it, they believe it, and they know why it’s different. They want your products, and not because you’re talking about all the things you do, but you’re talking about all the benefits that you bring.

“What’s in It for Me?”

You know, most people are tuned into one radio station, and that’s WIIFM, or what’s in it for me? That’s what people want to know. And when they’re looking at your marketing messages, they want to know what is in there for them.

So remember the three laws of marketing physics: having an overt benefit, a real reason to believe that message, and an understanding of the dramatic difference. So what makes your products and services different from everybody else out there?