The Five Behaviors Profile

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The Five Behaviors™ Profile comes with:

  • Individual Team Member Report – for all team members; shows the aggregate results of the team members’ ratings.
  • Facilitator Annotated Team Report – an annotated report specially designed for coaches and consultants to use when working with teams; an invaluable tool that allows coaches and their teams to quickly identify areas of strength and for improvement; also includes specific recommendations that will make the team more cohesive.
  • NEW Progress Report – a graphical comparison of a team’s performance over time and highlights: (1) Areas of greatest improvement and decline, (2) Productive points of discussion, (3) An action plan to help identify the team’s priorities for improvements and set specific goals.
  • Comparison Report – a follow-up report to illustrate the similarities and differences of any 2 participants, designed to help team members understand each other better.

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