When you put “out in the world,” what you want, you are using a very powerful leadership skill. It will generate change. How will people know how to help you, if you don’t know in your own mind?
Two recent examples of putting this in practice.

  • I belong to a group that meets on a regular basis and once a year we take a 2-day  retreat. This year we each presented our vision and goals. We talked a lot about taking personal responsibility for change.  Taking action is what I talk about in coaching all the time. Together with responsibility, makes it about taking self-directed action. Talking about it makes it REAL! Do you know what you need and are you able to ask for that help when you need it? It’s not mysticism, just plain common sense. Share your values with friends, family, and business contacts. Letting people know what it is you are looking to accomplish, is the straightforward logical path to achievement.
  • My wife and I attended a concert by German Rock Star, Herbert Gronemeyer. She ‘put out the word’, to Herbert, Silke, Bernieeveryone we encountered that she REALLY wanted a picture of herself with Herbert, whom she has followed avidly for decades. By sharing her ‘secret’ and making multiple serendipitous connections, we achieved her goal in a private setting, with a lengthy conversation with this famous Rock Star. We had received a personal invitation from the one person – amongst the 1000’s of attendees – who held the key.

Putting out “the ask” is the first vital step in reaching for all the other goals we have in our personal lives and business enterprises. Can you clearly articulate your goals? Do others know what they are? Do YOU know what your goals are? These are the fundamental coaching questions.

 Share your Goals, Values, and Rationale.
‘It pays to advertise’ is a common phrase. However, at PBC, we come across so many businesses that don’t  Simon Sinekadvertise and many folks who never express their life and business vision. We also come across many businesses that only do half the job: They advertise the features, and the availability of their goods and services, but then stop short of saying what they believe and why people should buy from them, truly communicating the benefits. I mentioned this a few months back but this comes up so often, I wanted to repeat it.

Check out one of my favorite TED videos from Simon Sinek, “Start with Why.”

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Take the PBC ‘5 Years Out’ Challenge
I challenge you to imagine your business, your life, 5 years out from now. Picture the scenario when you have achieved your goals. (I’m not talking about profit or money! That is the inevitable result; NOT the goal). What will it look like? How will it feel? What does it sound like? Even; how does success smell and taste? Then think about what it will look like in 4 years time. Bring the picture closer to 3 years, then 2 and 1. What do you need to do NOW, in order to achieve those medium term positions?

List out, then seek out, the people you need to have around you, 5 years out. Then draw up clear goals, for the short, medium, and long-term, that articulate your destination and the road you’re on, in both your life and your business. List out what support you need from others. Is it an empathic ear and good feedback? Is it emotional and or financial support? Do you need their shoulder with you on your wheel? Whatever you need, now is the time to advertise it and clearly articulate it.

Kick Out the ‘Head Trash’
Your vision, your commitment, and the chances of success are all significantly improved when you talk about them. Call PBC for a free consultation and we guarantee to point out when you lose sight of your goals and see only the barriers. We will keep you focused on positive outcomes and throw out the ‘head trash’ like, “It probably won’t work anyway,” or “I’ve tried things like this before and they didn’t work,” or “people like me don’t get those kinds of breaks in life.”

The more you share your goals, values, and rationale, the more feedback, support, and encouragement will help you accomplish your goal. Keep these things quiet and you can’t expect anyone to be on your team.

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