Focus, Relationships, and Productive Habits can have profound effects.

Here is a quick overview of some of our most popular posts on these powerful principles.



Are you Focused on What matters Most?  Can you follow the 3 Rules for Exceptional Business Performance? Are you aware of What the Time Management Gurus Say?  Clear and simple advice is often the best.  If you feel having a clear focus may help you, please read these posts for some valuable insights to start the new year off right.



Getting Back to the Fundamentals of Management. The 5 Part Prescription for Super Fitness.   Is your business healthy?  Are you able to have the discussions that you need to have and do your people practice the fundamentals of sound management?   Be sure to check out these two posts for more in-depth analysis and recommendations.

Productive Habits:


4 Ideas to Make Your Good Business Better and 16 Rich Habits – and the PBC Challenge.  Have you adopted good habits and made a positive change in your business this year?  Did you sign-up for the PBC Challenge?  If you still need some improvement, check out these two posts for time tested powerful and effective tools. 

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