Time is Money.

Many say Time is moneyyet it is actually more valuable than that since you can get more money, but you can never get more time.  All of our businesses would be much more profitable, if only we were more productive and relaxed with our personal time in the five aspects of business; marketing, selling, purchasing, producing, and serving our people.  So, here’s a quick Time Management insight, worthy of a few minutes of your reading time.

Consider your information collection points.  List them and control them outside of your short term working memory.  Collection points are sources of information with which you want to do something.  Having to manage many and keeping all of those details in your head is a major cause of stress.  These are known as “Open Loops” since you are trying to remember something that is better off captured in a system that ensures you
will get to it when necessary.

For the rest of this Time Management tip and a practical 5-step implementation plan, click below: Time Management in Business.

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