It’s one of the few psychology certainties, our brains need time for rest –  Sleep is key, but we also need longer breaks. It’s often the case that vacations give moments of inspiration and new ideas. Brain science reveals that resting brains put together fragments of information that we’ve been gathering, then stores and connects them to other thoughts and ideas from past experiences.

This is why vacations are so important to us in both our personal and business development. When traveling you see new ideas and experience new things. You often see relationships between elements in life that otherwise don’t materialize in your daily routine.  Here is an interesting book that expands on this concept: Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time.



Businessman moving to a new environment

Moving to new environments is very important for our creativity. Back in the stone age, our ancestors moved locations in search of more or better natural resources. With each new location, their brains entered a rapid learning mode in order to make the most of the new environment. Where to find food? Where the dangers might be?
And so on.
Businessman creative mind


Our brains go through the same process even today, when we go to a new location. Every time we experience a new environment, our brain goes into hyper-learning mode so that we become quickly accustomed to what’s new out there. It’s the analogy of when you drive a new route for the first time in your life; it seems like it takes forever to get there. This is because your brain is slowing down and taking in all of the new sensations. When you’ve driven that same route for the hundredth time, you probably don’t even realize you’ve driven. Your brain isn’t learning, rather it’s on auto-pilot.

Resting brain

When you’re on vacation, consider this natural-born capability of your brain. Remember, you’re in hyper-learning mode when you’re out in the new environment. Be sure to make a note of new connections. Be inspired by the things you see.
Businessman on summer vacation


Don’t be surprised if that knotty business problem suddenly unravels while you’re laying at the beach or walking through museums.  So enjoy the summer, and take advantage of that fast learning mode of your brain to change your mind for the better.
For some additional ideas on this concept, consider reading: Higher Creativity: Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insights.


And also be part of the dialogue. If you have some experiences, either in the past or from this year, where you’ve gotten some new inspiration while on vacation or traveling, join in on the conversation on our social media links below. We’d love to hear from you. Enjoy your summer! And come back in the fall recreated, renewed and refreshed.

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