Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Bernie Heine explains how to combat self-sabotage,embrace positive thinking, and work toward success.

"I can't do this."
"I'm not cut out for this."
"People like me don't work like this."

Hi my name is Bernie Heine. How many times have you had heard people talk like that? Where they're really self-sabotaging themselves, or seeing things negatively about themselves, and they're reinforcing that in their minds all the time?

Positive Thinking and Avoiding Self-Sabotage

Many people, you could say most people, have moments in their lives where they're self-sabotaging themselves. They're doing things that are directly against what they really want to be doing. They set out goals – we want to be successful, we want to do these things – and then we have all this negative talk in our heads that tells us that we can't do that – we're not good enough for that, we haven't learned that yet, other people do that but that's not where I fit in, I don't believe that I'm part of the cultural scene that should be doing that, we're from a different place, that doesn't work here – all these negative thoughts really drag people down.

Visualize Business Success

When I'm working with my clients, I'm always asking them to put that stuff aside, think positively about what you can do, what you can learn. The human being is an amazing organism – we can do so much, and we use only a minute percentage of the capacity of our brains. In fact, if you learn one new thing a second it would take you 100 million years to fill up your brain. So people can always be learning new stuff. It's impossible for us to outstrip the capacity of what we can learn or how we can learn to do new things. That's the place where we need to focus our energies, not on the stuff we can't do and all the excuses – being the victim and working our way into a hole, giving up the responsibility for our lives and everything around us – but really stepping up to be the leader, seeing the ways out, learning the new things we need to learn to be successful, programming our brains, reframing our positioning to say "I can do these things. I am capable of that and I don't need to listen to people that are saying I can't do it. I can do this." One of the keywords that we can insert in this equation all the time is "I can't do that YET."


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