Professional Business Coaches

Professional Business Coaches

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Customers?

I hear many business owners complaining about sales and how ineffective their advertising has been in attracting new and profitable customers. When I ask how they find their best customers, many tell me: "primarily through referrals from past or current customers."

The next question I ask is: "How often do you communicate with past and current customers and directly ask them for referrals?" After a long pause a light generally switches on. Many businesses that have been around for some time may have hundreds or even thousands of past happy customers however they find themselves utilizing all their resources chasing new business leads, trying to create new relationships.

Any of this sound familiar?

Your past customers generally know, like, and trust you. They have experience with your company and your products and know your strengths and limitations. Many of them would be proud to share you with their friends or rehire you for the same or a different product or service. Are you making it easy for them to refer you?

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Do you remind them about your new products and services? Are they aware of all the products and services you provide, or just the specific product they bought from you? Do you invite them to seminars or events sponsored by your business?

Here is a list of 10 ideas that you might find helpful, if you are not taking full advantage of your customer relationships.

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As we all know, these are tough economic times for many businesses; therefore, there is no point in squandering a very valuable resource - take advantage of your customer relationships today!


This originally appeared in my October 2011 Newsletter.


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